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Mike’s Wine Dive

2011-06-24 19.55.37.jpg

2011-06-24 19.56.11.jpg

Mom treated Jenni, Brian and me out to dinner at Mike’s Wine Dive last night for Brian’s birthday. It was yummy!

2011-06-24 20.05.51.jpg

I had their famous mac and cheese. It’s got lobster, shrimp and crab meat and is absolutely delicious. I really wanted to eat the entire bowl even though it was more than I could manage. It doesn’t look like much, but is actually quite filling.

2011-06-24 20.05.05.jpg

Brian had the Cuban, but he said it wasn’t as good as the last time.

2011-06-24 20.04.41.jpg

Mom had the grilled chicken pasta dish and Jenni had a steak sandwich.

2011-06-24 20.04.10.jpg

Everything looked delicious. Even Brian’s Cuban, which he wasn’t all that impressed with this time around. What is it about restaurants? They are fantastic when they first open, but then the quality of the food starts to diminish over time. I didn’t even bother to take a picture of the chocolate bag this time because it was smaller than I remembered. Actually, my phone ran out of battery. Jenni took a picture of it, though. She’s supposed to send it to me, but I haven’t got it yet.

The mac and cheese is still very good, though. I’m going to get it again next time we are back. Although, we’re not supposed to be eating out so much anymore. Dining out more than twice a month is really not conducive to losing weight. =P

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Oh, Wasabi – How I’ve Missed You!

2011-02-16 12.55.50.jpg

Misty had never been to Wasabi before so we decided to go there last week. I love, love, love Wasabi! I could eat there everyday!

2011-02-16 12.56.17.jpg

Although, we learned how to make sushi at Jeff and Stacy’s this weekend so our regular trips to Wasabi may be a thing of the past. If we can get our hands on Wasabi’s secret sauces (which, I think, is what makes their sushi better than any other sushi joint in Wichita), we are golden. =)

P.S. If you can’t see the slide show, then you’re probably reading this post in Facebook Notes. Head on over to the food blog to see the rest of the pictures that you’re missing out on.

Jose Pepper’s is Good but Not Great


Brian and I had heard a lot about Jose Pepper’s and his parents went there last night, so we were dying to try the place for ourselves. We were having a lazy Sunday and didn’t physically get up out of bed until about one o’clock in the afternoon. It actually worked in our favor because there was no wait at Jose Pepper’s. I heard there usually is because the place is so popular. It seems we missed the lunch rush. Lucky us!




It would have been a nice day to sit out on the patio but, when they took us there, the only table left was a high bistro table so we decided to sit inside instead. I hate those bistro tables because the bar stools are so tall. I have difficulty getting on and off them. Besides that, there is never any place to rest your feet so my feet end up dangling — which I don’t like when I’m eating.



We were seated at a booth across from the bar. The seat had a little bit of food on it from the previous occupants, which I was able to wipe off with a napkin without any problems. Although, if the person who had bussed the table cleaned it properly, I wouldn’t have had to wipe the seat before I sat down.


Despite the cleaning staff’s deficiency, I would like to give Jose Pepper’s kudos for providing bottles of hand sanitizers so that guests can disinfect their hands before devouring the delicious chips and salsa that the restaurant provides gratis. The salsa is pretty good and the chips are like ones they serve at Abuelo’s.


We ordered the queso dip for comparison. It’s not bad, but I still prefer Abuelo’s queso because Jose Pepper’s is thicker and spicier than I would like.


Although, the nice thing about Jose Pepper’s that I haven’t noticed at other Mexican restaurants is that you have options. You are not stuck with beans and rice as your side. If you prefer fruit, salad or cottage cheese as your side instead, all you have to do is tell the server.


Brian’s chimichanga platter is pictured above.


Though the lunch prices are pretty reasonable, the portions are quite large — so next time Brian and I go, I think I will suggest splitting something. I ordered the lunch combination, which consisted of a shredded beef enchilada and a shredded beef taco. Tortilla that my enchilada was wrapped in was kind of chewy so I just took all the shredded beef filling off and ate it with my rice. The beef had good flavor. Other than my taco being too greasy, it was pretty good. I liked the masa thing also. I wish they gave you more than just a little ball of it.

Brian and I were pretty full when we were done. We had been thinking of maybe trying the fried ice cream and had the cocktail menu on that page. However, our server who wasn’t so sharp didn’t pick up on that. She brought our check without asking if we wanted any dessert. That is one of my pet peeves when I’m at a restaurant. I want the server to ask me if I want dessert, no matter how full I am, because I want the option of saying yes or no. Don’t assume that I don’t want any. Don’t make that decision for me.

We were a little turned off by that. I think Brian would have been indifferent, except he knows that sort of thing annoys me. Anyway, since our server decided that we weren’t having any dessert, we didn’t. Blech.

So here’s the verdict: Jose Pepper’s is definitely not as good as Abuelo’s so it only gets three stars.

FOOD: 2 1/2

TOTAL: 14 points

Oh, yeah. This is our new rating system. Basically, restaurants that get 21+ points get five stars; 16 to 20 points get four stars; 11 to 15 points get three stars; 6 to 10 points get two stars; and 1 to 5 points get one star. This way you have a better idea of what we liked and didn’t like about a restaurant and to what extent.

This will be the first of many restaurant reviews. Stay tuned.

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Kwan Court

Mom treated Yeni, Brian and I to dinner at Kwan Court on Friday night.




The interior had changed a little since the last time we were there. Though the prices have significantly increased, the food is still the same. They’re not quite as good as similar restaurants in town.









Yeni and Brian ordered two different dishes, but the dishes came out looking exactly identical. She and Brian said that the dishes tasted different, but it made me wonder if most of the dishes on the menu were made the same way except just using two different sauces. LOL.


I made the mistake of eating California maki. Normally it doesn’t bother me. Kwan Court’s didn’t agree with me, though. It was awful. =P

It will be a while before we return to Kwan Court.

Chris Frank at Let’s Be Frank

Brian and his coworker/friend Chris Frank went to Let’s Be Frank for lunch today. We still need to take grandma there because she’s been wanting to try it.

Chris Frank @ Lets be Frank

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