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This Ain’t No IHOP II

I put II because I’ve used this title before. LOL. Brian and I had brunch with Anthony at Succotash on Sunday. I have no idea what that word even means but, to me, it’s become synonymous with fantastic food.

2012-01-22 12.28.06.jpg

The restaurant is located in downtown Kansas City. It doesn’t look like much from the outside. Brian and I actually started to wonder where Anthony was taking us on the drive up. The area is not the best. LOL. Although, after tasting their food, I’m really glad that Anthony suggested it.

2012-01-22 11.08.16.jpg

Our friend Anthony…

2012-01-22 11.21.10.jpg

Thanks for introducing us to a new and unique restaurant, Anthony!

2012-01-22 11.21.41.jpg

The food at Succotash is almost as quirky as their decor.

2012-01-22 11.29.42.jpg

Me and Brian at Succotash

2012-01-22 11.27.17.jpg

They serve freshly squeezed juices that are so delicious you don’t even realize your drinking vegetable juice. Brian and Anthony had the “ninja sunrise” which consists of carrot, orange, grapefruit, ginger, and beet juices.

2012-01-22 11.38.24.jpg

I had the “best lemonade” which is made with apples, pineapples, cucumber, a hint of ginger, and fresh lemons of course.

2012-01-22 11.41.54.jpg

With so many interesting things to pick from on the menu, it was difficult to decide what to order.

2012-01-22 11.28.25.jpg

While I was trying to make a decision, our server offered me a “sample” of their chocolate chip pancakes for only $2. It was a generous sample. I think I could have just ordered that for breakfast and been done. LOL.

2012-01-22 11.42.32.jpg

I ate the entire pancake and didn’t stop there. It was “cheat” weekend and I was determined to take advantage, so I ordered pigs in a blanket. Naturally, because I’m a little piglet, I ate almost all of it too.

2012-01-22 11.45.32.jpg

Anthony ordered Swedish pancakes with lingonberries, two eggs, and bacon. He’s vegetarian so I got to eat his bacon.

2012-01-22 11.44.31.jpg

Brian had the burrito of love, which he said was very good and very filling. It doesn’t look like much from this picture, but Brian said it was yummy.

2012-01-22 11.45.04.jpg

This is what a bite of it looks like.

2012-01-22 11.49.16.jpg

I was tempted to order their signature 8-layer cake but, after my chocolate pancake and pigs in a blanket, I’d had enough. I could not eat another bite. I guess we’ll just have to go back for a slice of 8-layer cake next time.

2012-01-22 11.54.18.jpg

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Our Dinner at Mezzaluna

2011-05-14 20.49.24.jpg

2011-05-14 20.50.20.jpg

2011-05-14 21.09.21.jpg

Brian and I had dinner at this cozy little Italian restaurant down the street from our hotel on Saturday night. The food was okay, but not spectacular. For the price, there are better places to eat. However, I did like the ambiance.

The restaurant is a great place to take a date. The lighting and music are perfect for a quiet, romantic evening filled with wonderful conversation. If your date is not someone you’d want to be seen with in public, this would be a great place to go also. They were pretty dead on a Saturday night (there was only one other couple besides us) so I’m pretty sure there won’t be any witnesses. =P

Another Day, Another Dinner


Brian and I were broke from all the shopping we’d done so we decided to eat cheap. That meant Noodles & Company, which just happens to be one of Chad’s favorite places to eat.


This is Brian, trying to decide what to order.


I took some pictures while we were waiting for our food.



Brian enjoyed looking outside because we were street-level.



I think Brian mostly liked watching the women in skirts walk by. What a perv!


I didn’t like it so much because you might look up at the wrong time and then, suddenly, you’re not hungry anymore. =P


Brian got the mac and cheese with chicken. He let me taste it. It was pretty good.


I got the pad thai with chicken, but they forgot to put my chicken on it. They had to bring it out separate. I kind of wish that they would slice up the chicken in smaller pieces. They just slice it into four pieces and then put it on top of your dish. You have to cut it up yourself.


My pad thai was pretty good.


Now I understand why Chad likes this place so much. I wish we had one in Wichita. Sounds like a franchise opportunity! =P

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This Ain’t No IHOP


Breakfast the next day was at The Classic Cup on the corner of 47th Street and Central. We ended up hanging out at Country Club Plaza because Harrah’s canceled their poker tournaments on Sunday.


We had walked by, saw that they were open, and decided to give it a try.


Brian and I both ordered off their special 4th of July menu. I thought about ordering off the regular menu because the prices seemed more reasonable, but it was early and I wasn’t sure any of the regular items were available. My bacon, tomato and spinach omelet was pretty good, though. It cost twice as much as a similar omelet at IHOP, but A Classic Cup ain’t no IHOP. We were definitely not our typical, frugal selves this weekend.


My omelet looks pretty plain because I asked for it without the sour cream and scallions. Brian’s breakfast, on the other hand, looked far from plain. It looked downright scary.

His breakfast gumbo looks scary anyway when he makes it out of a la carte items from whichever breakfast restaurant we just happen to be at.. I was surprised that A Classic Cup actually had his breakfast gumbo as a meal.


This is Brian’s breakfast monstrosity.


It consisted of potatoes, sausage, biscuits and gravy, topped with two fried eggs. It’s exactly what Brian likes to eat for breakfast (he tries to make it no matter where we are — IHOP, Jimmy’s Egg, The Good Egg, Village Inn, Riverside Cafe — it doesn’t matter, he’ll order whatever they’ve got on the menu so that he can put this meal together). I couldn’t believe anyone would actually put this thing on their menu. I am disgusted just thinking about it. =P

Anyway, Brian didn’t finish his breakfast. He said that his biscuits were hard and the gravy was too greasy. Unlike Brian, I found my meal delicious. I almost made a happy plate. I definitely had a happy belly.

Almost Happy Plate

Brian’s belly — later that night and clear into the next day — was not so happy. We couldn’t figure out what upset his stomach so much and we finally decided that it was probably the greasy gravy. That was the only thing he had that I didn’t have and I didn’t get sick.

Oh, well. I’m glad they only had that thing on their menu for one day.

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The Cheesecake Factory


Harrah’s canceled their poker tournaments on Sunday so Brian and I didn’t end up playing any poker. Mostly we just shopped and ate. We ate a lot.

Our first stop (on Saturday night, right after checking in at the Country Club Plaza Courtyard Marriott) was The Cheesecake Factory which just happened to be only a couple of minutes walk from our hotel.


Brian had the four cheese pasta with chicken, while I had the bang-bang chicken and shrimp. I had never had it before and it was not at all what I expected. I was imagining Bonefish Grill’s bang bang shrimp, but made with both chicken and shrimp. It wasn’t like that at all.


Their bang bang chicken and shrimp dish is a mild curry dish served with rice. It was pretty good. Although, I’ve had better curry dishes.

Brian really enjoyed his pasta, though. He said it was delicious.


Brian and I concluded our meal by sharing a chocolate tower. It’s a slice of seven layer chocolate cake that is big enough to feed four people. It’s actually identical to the great wall of chocolate at PF Chang’s, which made me wonder if both restaurants get the cake from the same supplier. =P

Our dinner at The Cheesecake Factory was the first of many great meals on our Kansas City weekend. Stay tuned for more food pictures!

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