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Finally Got to Try Kanai

2011-04-14 19.52.32.jpg

Everyday Lance asks me at work, “Have you tried Kanai yet?” It’s his favorite sushi joint in town. Actually, it’s many people’s favorite. I’d just never had the opportunity to go because it is all the way out West and you know how us East-siders are. We try not to drive out West if we can help it.

2011-04-14 19.54.16.jpg

Here are some food pictures…

2011-04-14 19.58.17.jpg

This is the chicken salad thing that they serve you while you wait for your food. Brian and Misty didn’t like it. Brian doesn’t like cold chicken and Misty didn’t like the flavor. I liked it fine, though.

2011-04-14 20.04.25.jpg

We always get edamame, so here is a picture of what it looks like at Kanai. LOL. Not too exciting. The edamame looks the same as it does everywhere else. I like the salt they use, though. 🙂

2011-04-14 20.13.02.jpg

2011-04-14 20.11.19.jpg

The Dragon Roll not only looked good, it tasted good too.

2011-04-14 20.11.43.jpg

Misty got a Philadelphia Roll.

2011-04-14 20.12.15.jpg

Brian wanted to try their California Roll for comparison.

2011-04-14 20.12.44.jpg

We also tried the Cali Cali. It’s a fried California Roll.

2011-04-14 20.13.30.jpg

Overall I liked Kanai. The decor and ambiance are nice and the customer service is great. I like that they give you a moist towelette before your meal so you can clean up. I’m not sure if that’s standard actually or if they just gave it to us because we looked gross and sweaty from Zumba. LOL. I also like the free chicken salad thing, even though Misty and Brian didn’t. As far as the sushi goes, I still prefer Wasabi though. Maybe we are sushi rednecks. Brian and I both agree that we like the sushi selection at Wasabi better. Plus, Kanai is just too far of a drive. At least now I can say that I’ve tried it so I don’t feel like I’m missing out.

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