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Gina’s Birthday Dinner at Abuelo’s

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Brian and I were bad again last night. Not only did we eat out but we had dinner at around 9 pm, which is a lot later than we are used to eating. We planned on having dinner at 8 pm to celebrate Gina Ann’s birthday, but Abuelo’s doesn’t take reservations on the weekends any more. Not even for large groups. They accept “call ahead” but we still had to wait. What made it worse was that this group of people would not leave. They were done eating, but they continued to sit there and sip their sodas and waters even after numerous hints from the wait staff.

Two of the tables we needed were ready, but we were waiting for the people at that last table to leave so that the three tables could be put together. There were several things suggested like buying them a round of drinks at the bar so to get them to leave the table, but then we weren’t sure if they were of legal drinking age. They looked young, but appeared to be of age. However, they were drinking water and soda so we came to the conclusion that they probably weren’t drinkers. Stephanie knew who they were and she said they didn’t drink, so that idea was nixed.

It was terrible because the restaurant and the server couldn’t make any money while they were sitting there tying up a table. On a busy Saturday night, you want a continuous flow of people coming and leaving. When you’re done and you’ve paid, then leave so that the restaurant can get the next group in. If you want to keep your table, then order dessert or order some more drinks or something. At least make it worthwhile for the server and the restaurant. It wouldn’t have been as bad if it was during a slow period and there was no wait but, when there are starving people waiting for you, at least try to be considerate.

Half an hour later, they were still sitting there merrily chatting. We were like, chat at the bar or chat in the restaurant lobby. Just chat elsewhere so that we can finally get our table. Coley finally took matters into his own hands and spoke to the manager. Shortly after that, the manager went to speak with the group to politely ask them to leave. I’m pretty sure they weren’t happy about that, but we didn’t care. We’d been waiting a while and some of us were very hungry.

I didn’t get pictures of everyone’s food because Coley hates it when I do that. I didn’t get pictures of mine and Brian’s food because we always get the same thing. It’s really not that exciting. Besides, I think most of us were starving, so if I would have asked someone to hold off eating until I got a photo of their food they probably would have chopped my head off.

I did get a picture of Stephanie’s dinner because she ordered French fries — of all things — at a Mexican restaurant! LOL. She tried to order mac and cheese, but she was denied. No mac and cheese at Abuelo’s apparently. Not even for kids.

2012-02-25 21.14.12.jpg

BTW, Brian and I are only supposed to eat out no more than once a month, but there were so many things that went on this month that I have lost count. Valentines week/month is almost worse than Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. I hit my lowest weight ever this month and promptly gained back the weight I’d lost and then some. I swore that I gained five pounds in the span of a week. Blech.

Dave & Buster’s on Black Friday

2011-11-25 21.56.48.jpg

Dinner on Friday was at Dave & Buster’s. I’m not a huge fan of their food, but it actually turned out pretty good. I think everyone was happy with their meals and we all had a great time playing video games afterwards.

2011-11-25 21.05.57.jpg

This was Ashton’s meal.

Brian’s yummy double chicken sandwich thing, with sweet potato fries.

2011-11-25 21.04.18.jpg

This was Jay’s sandwich. I can’t remember what it is called, though.

2011-11-25 21.03.42.jpg

I had their chicken and bacon mac and cheese dish. I was going to get the chicken and bacon mac and cheese at the Yard House so I figured I would get the same thing at Dave & Buster’s. I’m sure the Yard House version of the dish is probably better, but this hit the spot. LOL.

I didn’t take a picture of Becca’s food because she ordered the same thing as Brian, except she had regular fries. As for the other dishes; well, they were all the way at the other end. Plus, I’d just met CJ and Rashanna that day and I didn’t want to creep them out by sticking my face in their food to take photos. =P

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I Fell Off the “Not Eating Out” Wagon

When John was looking over my food log, he remarked that some of the things I listed were really good and some of the things I listed were really bad and there really weren’t things in between. That’s pretty typical. I generally go from one extreme to the other. LOL.

This weekend has been the worst yet, nutrition-wise. Brian and I have been really good about not eating out except on special occasions. Granted, we have a lot of so-called special occasions come up. I guess we could classify the Phelpi’s wedding anniversary as a special occasion, but that’s probably reaching. Mandy and Justin won that gift certificate to Carlos O’Kellys, which gave us an excuse to use the $15 gift card we had from Christmas that we still hadn’t used. But again, we could have just given the gift card away instead of eating out. I think, no matter how I rationalize it, we were very bad.

2011-07-22 19.59.21.jpg

We had a great time with the Phelpi at Press, though. We ordered pretty much the same stuff that we had the week before when we went with Misty, so I didn’t take any food pictures. I had no idea that the sliders were terrible, though. I could have warned Cory not to order it. Everything else that I’d had there was yummy, though.

The nice thing about Friday nights at Press is they have live music. I had no idea. The folks they had playing on Friday night were pretty good. I’m not sure what the name of the band is, but I really liked them. They played a lot of James Taylor songs and they even played some Cat Stevens. It was nice and mellow. For a moment, I considered making it a regular hangout because we could just walk over. We wouldn’t even have to worry about driving home. It’s kind of an expensive place to hang out and listen to music, though.

After Press, the four of us decided to check out Nilla’s. It’s been around for a while, but we’d never been there until the other night. It looks like many of the people we used to play poker with at Highlands are now playing over there. Our old friend Mano is actually dealing over there. April, Brian and I decided that we’re going to come back next weekend and play in their Friday night tournament.

We haven’t played poker regularly in about a year so it’s kind of exciting to get back into it. At the same time, I fear that poker might start taking over our lives again. I think for now, we agreed to limit ourselves to one poker night a month. Speaking of, we need to bring Suede back into the weekend rotation. Ever since I’ve started training with John on Friday nights, we haven’t made it out to Suede for dancing. I may need to rethink my workout and social schedule and come up with a good balance. LOL.

2011-07-23 19.15.56.jpg

Last night we were at Carlos O’Kellys with Mandy and Justin. They won a gift certificate at the Group Kick launch so they had that to use and then Brian and I had our $15 gift card to use so we decided to just use it together.

Brian and I hadn’t been to Carlos O’Kellys in years and were pleasantly surprised. The food was pretty good.

2011-07-23 18.36.48.jpg

2011-07-23 18.35.25.jpg

Brian and I both ordered the burro verde. He had it just as it was described on the menu. I asked for mine without beans and sour cream. I can’t stand that stuff. I’m thinking mine was probably better in terms of calories, but only slightly so. I’m pretty sure everything they serve at Carlos O’Kellys is bad for you. If you consider the amount of chips and queso I consumed and the fact that I made a happy plate, I’m pretty sure I ate worse than Brian last night.

2011-07-23 18.36.22.jpg

Justin had the combination plate which had a little bit of everything in it. Mandy ordered steak fajitas.

2011-07-23 18.35.55.jpg

I ate poorly, but I at least refrained from drinking poorly. I just had water with my meal. Brian was bad and had Pepsi.

We had a great time visiting with Mandy and Justin over dinner. After dinner, we had to run over to the South side of town to deliver Zane’s birthday gift. One down, two more to go. Next up, Carolyn’s birthday.

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