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Tortang Talong

You guys know how much I love tortang talong. Mom made it for us for dinner last night, along with several yummy dishes such as sinigang na baboy, humba, and bico. Here are some photos of the making of the torta.

2012-02-19 14.50.40.jpg

Before mom could start the torta, dad had to grill the talong.

This is what the grilled talong looked like.

2012-02-19 15.16.37.jpg

Then you open up the talong to prep it for the rest of the ingredients.

2012-02-19 15.18.31.jpg

The scrambled eggs hold the ground pork in place. It binds the meat to the talong.

2012-02-19 15.19.38.jpg

So when you flip it over, it doesn’t fall apart.

2012-02-19 15.24.03.jpg

This is what the finished product looks like.

2012-02-19 15.20.29.jpg

Here’s mom making some more. BTW, mom did a fantastic job on dinner last night. Everything was delicious. Even the bico, which I don’t normally eat, was very good. I actually took some leftover bico with me. I shared it with a couple of my coworkers this morning and they loved it too. I think I’m going to have to ask mom for the recipe and instructions. 🙂

Christmas #3

We normally only have two major celebrations on Christmas weekend: Christmas Eve with the Alonsos and Christmas Day with the Brubakers. This year Jen and Armando invited us to their house on Christmas Day also. It provided another opportunity to eat more Filipino food.

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I didn’t get to take pictures of all of the dishes (and there were several) because we arrived late. It was seafood central at the Teves-Allison residence that day, though. Jen served the prawns pictured above, mussels, and at least two different fish dishes. Ferj made humba, which I loved because it had a ton of sabaw. Arvin made his signature dish lauya, which is like nilaga only a dozen times better. Instead of being somewhat bland like nilaga, it actually had really great flavor. I didn’t have it on Christmas Day, but I had some the day after when we came over to Jen and Armando’s for leftovers. It was super delicious! Both Ferj and Arvin did a fabulous job on their dishes.

Jen also had a pineapple chicken dish that was yummy and green beans and corn and a carrot salad. I’m sure there are several other dishes that I’m missing here. There was so much food at Jen and Armando’s, you’d think they were feeding all of Bel Aire. Anyway, I was so stuffed from all the eating I did on Christmas Eve and on Christmas morning that I didn’t really have room for any more food. I couldn’t pass up the prawns, though. I think I had six or seven of them. They were so good!

I also had the strawberry shortcake dessert and more mimosas. As though I hadn’t had enough from earlier that day. LOL. There was some really good eatin’ that took place over Christmas weekend. I can’t wait until next year to do it all over again!

Noche Buena = Filipino Food

These are just some of the foods we had on Christmas Eve. Nom, nom, nom…


Mom made lumpia and pancit.


She made some fat noodles too.


She made mongo without ampalaya (bitter melon) because I hate that stuff.


I’m not quite sure what this is, but I ate it also.


She had some ham and brisket also, but I wasn’t really interested in those. Christmas Eve to me is a time to pig out on my most favorite Filipino food dishes that I never get to eat any other time of the year. I love, love, love stuffing my face with Filipino food!

Scrumptious Filipino Food

We had a wonderful dinner at mom and dad’s the other day. Mom made lots of delicious food.

2011-10-02 18.22.11.jpg

She made sinigang, one of my most favorite Filipino dishes.

2011-10-02 18.19.34.jpg

She made fried fish for Jen Teves.

2011-10-02 18.21.04.jpg

Brian got his Filipino breakfast – tocino and fried eggs and white rice. There was something for everyone! Mom even made some humba. I didn’t get a picture of it, though. I love, love, love going to mom and dad’s and pigging out on Filipino food!

Our Post-Zumbathon Feast

I wanted to share some pictures I took of the wonderful feast that Tita Rose (Gina Ann’s mom) prepared for us after the Zumbathon at the West Central Genesis last Sunday. Stephanie was craving some pancit so she and Gina were going to Tita Rose’s (who happens to live nearby) after the event. It wasn’t anything planned. We just happened to be out West, close to Tita Rose’s.

We were all quite hungry after our workout. I was asking Brian and Misty if they wanted to go get something to eat when Gina extended the invite. I would have said yes in a nanosecond (if you’ve had Tita Rose’s cooking, you’d feel the same way), but I hesitated because Misty was with us and I wasn’t sure what she had planned for the rest of her day. As luck would have it, she was game for some home cooking also.

2011-03-06 16.13.02.jpg

All I can say is that Tita Rose is a total rock star in the kitchen. Her culinary prowess is unmatched. She is like an Iron Chef. I say this because she managed to prepare quite a feast despite the spontaneous, last minute invite.

If Brian told me I was feeding a bunch of people in five minutes, I’d probably panic and just order take out. Of course, I am undomesticated and completely clueless in the kitchen. I’d need at least three days to plan and shop for our meal if I were to accept the challenge at all. Chances are, I’d probably just laugh at him and tell him to pick up some Papa Murphy’s. LOL.

2011-03-06 16.09.38.jpg

Tita Rose fried up some chicken and also made some fried rice.

2011-03-06 16.12.16.jpg

She had to improvise on Stephanie’s pancit request because she didn’t have any rice noodles on hand. She used ramen noodles, but did not use the seasoning packet that usually comes with them. She added spinach, cabbage, carrots, shrimp and her own flavors. It turned out really good.

2011-03-06 16.12.35.jpg

Tita Rose just kept coming out with food. She even made steamed rice too, which I usually prefer to fried rice, but by then I was completely stuffed and couldn’t eat any more. It’s amazing what she can whip up on such short notice. At one point, Gina asked her to please stop cooking and eat with us. She was like, “I’m making dessert.” Brian and I were like, “Whoa?! Seriously?” We totally did not expect dessert. She made plenty of food already!

2011-03-06 16.46.29.jpg

Tita Rose made banana turon (it’s banana slices wrapped in a lumpia wrapper and fried in caramelized sugar) and served it with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Brian normally doesn’t like turon, but this was so good he actually ate it. It was so yummy!

Anyway, this post-Zumbathon feast was better than any meal we could have gotten at a restaurant. We hit the jackpot! Thanks, Tita Rose and Gina for the hospitality. You guys are the best!

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