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A Weekend of Good Eats

FRIDAY: Dinner at Highlands was delicious. We had a Caesar salad, scotch chicken with regular fries, and the brazed pork ribs with yam fries. Everything was fantastic! I think that’s because chef Harvey was there. I actually got his picture that night. 🙂
0_200812121929_536.jpeg 0_200812121939_537.jpeg
0_200812121939_538.jpeg 0_200812121940_539.jpeg

SATURDAY: Brian thought the a la carte burritos at Margarita’s were tiny just like at Felipe’s and inadvertently ordered two. He regretted it immediately after the food was delivered. Until the light bulb came on and he realized that he could eat the second burrito for lunch the next day.

My “macho burrito” with no beans and no green onions.

SUNDAY: We had eggrolls and chicken fingers at Warren before our movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still.
What? No peanut sauce? 0_200812141535_599.jpeg

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