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Because Everyone Loves Breasts

2011-05-24 22.14.35.jpg

2011-05-24 22.15.19.jpg

2011-05-24 22.16.27.jpg

About six pounds of chicken are marinating in the fridge right now. Looking forward to Hai’s “going away” cookout tomorrow night. Hope the weather cooperates!

Chicken and Waffles

The Dills made possible my first taste of chicken and waffles. Thanks for bringing your waffle maker over.

2011-01-15 23.13.11.jpg

2011-01-15 23.11.00.jpg

2011-01-15 22.49.40.jpg

2011-01-15 22.44.52.jpg

2011-01-15 22.46.34.jpg

2011-01-15 22.47.30.jpg

2011-01-15 22.48.31.jpg

2011-01-15 23.12.03.jpg

2011-01-15 23.12.39.jpg

2011-01-15 23.21.08.jpg

The guys did a really good job. It was delicious!

Dinner the Other Night

2010-12-22 19.50.21.jpg

This was dinner the other night. I believe it was Wednesday because I missed Zumba. Brian got a lot done between getting off work and picking me up, though. He claimed our package deliveries at the leasing office and went to pick up my ring at Zales that had just gotten sized. (I went down in ring size. Yeah!) He did all of that before returning downtown to pick me up. Isn’t he an awesome hubby?!

Anyway, it was almost 6:45 pm by the time we left my work so I didn’t have time to change into workout clothes and still make Gina Ann’s 6:45 pm Zumba class at Genesis. I heard I missed a really awesome class, too! ๐Ÿ™

It was then that I realized how much work rules my life. I won’t miss working out to go out to dinner or to go to the movies with friends, but I will miss working out to take care of business at work. If I’m to achieve my goal of losing weight, I will have to be as dedicated to working out as I was with going to college (the later days, not the first time around when I dropped out; in my teens and early twenties, I didn’t regard education as highly as I did as a returning adult). As I recall, when I was attending Wichita State, I hated missing classes for any reason. That’s why I waited to apply for LW until after I had graduated from grad school in 2008. However, despite all my careful planning so as to avoid missing classes, I still missed quite a few times due to work emergencies.

2010-12-22 19.50.50.jpg

But I digress.. About the food. After getting home late on Wednesday night, I still got a call from work. Brian was in the middle of making this dinner when I first got the call. It was the last of our chicken, which is unfortunate, because I really liked it. I was hoping that Brian could make some more the next night.

The chicken had really good flavor and when I asked Brian about it, he told me he just used some lemon juice (which we need to buy more of because we’re almost out), herbed poultry seasoning (from the spice kit that we got at Macy’s on Black Friday; we got a really great deal on it too because it was an $80 item that we got for only $50 or so after coupons and discounts), salt and pepper. We’re surprisingly getting pretty good use out of our spice rack. Incidentally, when we went to check out the Feifel’s new house (which they closed on yesterday), I noticed that they had the exact same spice rack. LOL.

2010-11-27 15.59.11.jpg

Anyway, Brian got done making dinner before I was finished with the conference call so we were eating while I was working. I hope they didn’t hear me munching. When I got done with the call, Brian was like “What was that about? It didn’t sound like you did anything? You just mostly said ‘Yes’ and ‘Okay’… Did they really need you?”

I had to explain to him that while I don’t technically do anything since I’m not a programmer, telephony expert, or member of IT, I did represent Customer Relations and I think they simply needed someone in our area to be aware and accept the outcome of the telephony upgrade/maintenance. Of course, I’m sure that Isaac was aware of it since he has an official work-issued Blackberry. LOL.

Though my Christmas holiday started later than originally planned, I can’t really complain. I just feel blessed to be working for a wonderful company that takes care of its employees during such tough economic times.

Happy holidays to everyone from us here at FOODIES. We hope that your holiday celebrations go off without a hitch.

P.S. If you want that Martha Stewart Collection Space Saver Spice Rack, 20-Piece Set and don’t have a Macy’s near you, it is available for purchase online. It’s even eligible for FREE SHIPPING because they’re running a special where if you spend $49 or more, your order qualifies. Use code AMXH22X5 at check out. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jay’s Italian Stir Fry

The rice didn’t turn out so well, but the chicken had really good flavor.

(P.S. I was forbidden from blogging this, but you all know I don’t follow instructions too well.)

I ♥ Chick-Fil-A

We had us some Chick-Fil-A last weekend. Yum!

2010-11-26 15.10.02.jpg

This is Brian waiting for our food.

2010-11-26 15.13.42.jpg

Chicken, chicken, chicken!

2010-11-26 15.14.04.jpg

Brian’s spicy chicken sandwich.

2010-11-26 15.31.07.jpg

Brian’s post Chick-Fil-A face. ๐Ÿ™‚

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