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Cheddar’s – It’s Been a While

2011-03-12 17.46.04.jpg

We got some chips and queso. I like that they don’t charge extra for taco meat.

2011-03-12 17.57.45.jpg

Brian and I decided to just split the chicken tenders because they give you so much. We didn’t want to have to take food home. Even between the two of us, we couldn’t finish it.

2011-03-12 17.58.08.jpg

April had some kind of sandwich, but I can’t remember which one.

2011-03-12 17.58.28.jpg

Cory had the chicken alfredo with no veggies. Apparently it was sans flavor also. He had to send it back for something else. He ended up getting chicken tenders instead. They actually came out with it pretty quickly.

I thought our server was pretty good, but Brian was not impressed. He must have been having a bad day because he was being particularly tough on her. I like Cheddar’s, though. They have good, cheap food. =)

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