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Interesting Brunch at Harvest Kitchen

Less than a couple of weeks since the Harvest Kitchen blog entry where we said we probably wouldn’t be back, we were actually back. We decided to have breakfast there after helping Jay and Becca set up their booth at the bridal show, which was held at the Hyatt.

2011-04-10 10.52.56.jpg

The funny thing is that we ran into a bunch of Brian’s coworkers who were staying at the hotel for their National Sales Meeting. We ran into some people who were there for the Relay for Life “Fun Run” as well. At least I was in nice-ish Zumba clothes instead of my usual workout rags.

Now for the obligatory food pics…

2011-04-10 10.58.44.jpg

2011-04-10 10.58.22.jpg

Brian’s breakfast gumbo…

2011-04-10 10.59.06.jpg

He gets this no matter where we are having breakfast. The omelet on the right in the photo that follows is my spinach, tomato and ham omelet with no cheese. I’ve never liked cheese in my omelets.

2011-04-10 10.59.29.jpg

Their breakfast buffet was more expensive than the breakfast buffet at your local Courtyard Marriott, but I thought it was good. Not as much selection as the brunch at the Airport Hilton, though.

2011-04-10 11.10.40.jpg

Believe it or not, Harvest Kitchen is actually growing on me. I like the quiet, cozy atmosphere. The servers are always so friendly and courteous also. The lady who served us tracked down some pineapple juice from the bar (it’s not on the breakfast menu; they had all sorts of juices on the list, but not pineapple) because that is what I wanted to drink. Brian loves pineapple juice also so, after he saw that I got one, he got one too.

Mango juice is really my favorite, but that’s a lot more difficult to track down. It’s not readily available at most places. I have better luck getting pineapple juice, even though that isn’t common either. Being able to get it with our breakfast the other day was a nice treat.

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Panera Bread

2011-03-12 11.35.27.jpg

2011-03-12 11.36.14.jpg

Brian had won a $10 gift card to Panera Bread at the Party Hearty Zumbathon at Genesis East Central last Saturday so we decided to go there after my Zumba workout yesterday. We don’t really get to go to Panera very often so it was a nice treat. Notice that I was good and got an apple in lieu of chips or bread. I did have a piece of Brian’s bread bowl, though.

Thai Brunch at Caffe Moderne



Brian and I met Misty and Darcy at Caffe Moderne for brunch today. Darcy, who lives just paces from the restaurant, has mentioned to me how great the brunch is and, since we were going to do the WDDC downtown living tour, we figured it was a good time to try it. Darcy said they have a different theme each week. As luck would have it, today’s theme was Thai. Yum!




The chef at the omelet station deserves kudos for getting my omelet order right on the first try. Way to go!


I know this omelet doesn’t look all that great, but it was probably the best omelet I’ve had in a really long time. What I like best about it is that I was able to add artichokes. I had them put bacon, ham, tomatoes, artichokes and, of course, no cheese. It was perfect!


Veggies and rice. I stayed away from the veggies, but had some of the rice.


I skipped both of these also. On the left are mushrooms on a stick. On the right are crab rangoon strudel. I don’t like mushrooms and the strudel was just too weird for me. It was probably really delicious, but I can’t imagine stuffing a strudel with crab rangoon. Misty and Darcy both had some, though.


Flat bread pizza. Brian didn’t like it. He said the sauce tasted like cough syrup. Misty really liked it, though. Then again, she was a little under the weather and might not have had properly-functioning taste buds today.


Chicken and steak. I didn’t have any of the steak, but I had some of the coconut curry chicken paired with rice. It was very good.


The extensive dessert section. I really wish that I would’ve worked out this weekend. Then I could have eaten more guiltlessly. As it was, I felt really bad for over-eating.

I think I’ve found a new favorite place to eat brunch. I can’t wait to take my mom and Brian’s mom there. I hope they’ll all agree to going there for Mother’s Day instead of Legend’s at the Airport Hilton (our usual). Caffe Moderne is far less crowded and the food (judging from today) is way better.

Darcy, who has eaten brunch at Caffe Moderne several times now, says that it’s always good but, on some days, it’s really, really good. I thought today it was fantastic! Kudos to Caffe Moderne for a wonderful brunch. I shall return.

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Brunch at Granite City


I’d forgotten how good brunch is at Granite City Food and Brewery. That’s where we went today before my Beta Gamma Sigma induction ceremony at WSU. The food was fantastic!

I really, really like the cheesy hashbrowns. Maybe it was just perfectly done today, but I didn’t remember it being so good. I had a couple of bites of Brian’s chocolate muffin, too. That was really good as well.

The cinnamon rolls were smaller than I remembered, but they were fantastic as always. I didn’t get to have any French toast because I was too full, but the French toast there is great too. I think I found a new favorite place to have brunch. 🙂

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