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Lonesome Spur

The day after cousin Tracy and Jeff’s wedding shower, we all met up at Lonesome Spur for breakfast. Cousin Tracy’s friend Lynn joined us also.

2012-02-05 11.04.00.jpg

For those of you who don’t know, Lonesome Spur is located in the town of Justin, the boot capital of Texas. It’s the home of — yep, you got it — Justin boots. The discount warehouse was right next the restaurant. We actually saw it on the drive up and I got very excited. That is, until I found out that they’re closed on Sundays. Such is my luck. Ugh.


I guess we’ll just have to make another trip back.


The food at Lonesome Spur actually wasn’t bad and the menu prices were quite reasonable. I wouldn’t mind eating there again.


Brian had the Justin scramble, which is the exact same thing he gets at every breakfast joint or diner that we go to whether or not it is on the menu.


Donna had an omelet.


David had chicken fried steak, which doesn’t really look as impressive as other chicken fried steaks that I’ve seen or eaten.


It looks like cousin Tracy had a bigger chicken fried steak. Hmmm?


I ordered the cowboy omelet minus the veggies. The only thing I had them leave were the tomatoes. So basically it just had ham, sausage, bacon and tomato. LOL.


I really liked the extra crispy hashbrowns. That was a good call by cousin Tracy.


Here’s our group at breakfast. I can’t wait to go back. Not so much to eat, but I want to go boot shopping. I heard you can get some really good deals from the Justin discount warehouse. 😉

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Oldwest Cafe

I discovered a new breakfast place!

2012-02-04 09.37.26.jpg

Oldwest Cafe was our stop in Denton, Texas. We couldn’t find a place to park at first and there was a fifteen to twenty minute wait for a table. I’m glad we stuck around though, because the food was great.

I found out about Oldwest Cafe through my Urbanspoon app. It had really good reviews. Out of 243 customer reviews, it had a 99% approval rating. I figured 240 Urbanspoon users can’t possibly be wrong so it was a safe bet. The fact that it was just down the street from our hotel was an added bonus.

2012-02-04 09.43.37.jpg

This is a picture of my yummy hot chocolate.

2012-02-04 09.55.52.jpg

This is David’s breakfast. Our server gave me an option of bacon, sausage or ham. I asked for bacon automatically because that’s what I always get. When they brought David’s plate out and I saw the huge slice of ham, I immediately realized that I made the wrong choice. LOL.

2012-02-04 09.56.43.jpg

Brian ordered the “bandit,” which is exactly what he gets at every breakfast joint. He usually has to piece the meal together from side items listed on the menu. At Oldwest Cafe, they have at of those things that Brian gets as a menu item.

2012-02-04 09.57.27.jpg

I had two eggs, hashbrowns, two slices of bacon and a side of French toast. It was yummy but, I must admit, I had ham envy. LOL.

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This Ain’t No IHOP II

I put II because I’ve used this title before. LOL. Brian and I had brunch with Anthony at Succotash on Sunday. I have no idea what that word even means but, to me, it’s become synonymous with fantastic food.

2012-01-22 12.28.06.jpg

The restaurant is located in downtown Kansas City. It doesn’t look like much from the outside. Brian and I actually started to wonder where Anthony was taking us on the drive up. The area is not the best. LOL. Although, after tasting their food, I’m really glad that Anthony suggested it.

2012-01-22 11.08.16.jpg

Our friend Anthony…

2012-01-22 11.21.10.jpg

Thanks for introducing us to a new and unique restaurant, Anthony!

2012-01-22 11.21.41.jpg

The food at Succotash is almost as quirky as their decor.

2012-01-22 11.29.42.jpg

Me and Brian at Succotash

2012-01-22 11.27.17.jpg

They serve freshly squeezed juices that are so delicious you don’t even realize your drinking vegetable juice. Brian and Anthony had the “ninja sunrise” which consists of carrot, orange, grapefruit, ginger, and beet juices.

2012-01-22 11.38.24.jpg

I had the “best lemonade” which is made with apples, pineapples, cucumber, a hint of ginger, and fresh lemons of course.

2012-01-22 11.41.54.jpg

With so many interesting things to pick from on the menu, it was difficult to decide what to order.

2012-01-22 11.28.25.jpg

While I was trying to make a decision, our server offered me a “sample” of their chocolate chip pancakes for only $2. It was a generous sample. I think I could have just ordered that for breakfast and been done. LOL.

2012-01-22 11.42.32.jpg

I ate the entire pancake and didn’t stop there. It was “cheat” weekend and I was determined to take advantage, so I ordered pigs in a blanket. Naturally, because I’m a little piglet, I ate almost all of it too.

2012-01-22 11.45.32.jpg

Anthony ordered Swedish pancakes with lingonberries, two eggs, and bacon. He’s vegetarian so I got to eat his bacon.

2012-01-22 11.44.31.jpg

Brian had the burrito of love, which he said was very good and very filling. It doesn’t look like much from this picture, but Brian said it was yummy.

2012-01-22 11.45.04.jpg

This is what a bite of it looks like.

2012-01-22 11.49.16.jpg

I was tempted to order their signature 8-layer cake but, after my chocolate pancake and pigs in a blanket, I’d had enough. I could not eat another bite. I guess we’ll just have to go back for a slice of 8-layer cake next time.

2012-01-22 11.54.18.jpg

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Post-Zumba Brunch at Livingston’s Diner

A bunch of us decided that we would completely negate our intense NYE Zumba workout by stuffing our faces at Livingston’s Diner. Brian and I had never eaten there before, despite living just down the street from it, so we used the opportunity to check it out.

2011-12-31 12.05.34.jpg

Tita Rose was a bad influence. She got this huge cinnamon roll and proceeded to entice everyone with it. Brian had a bite of it. I had a few too many. LOL.

2011-12-31 12.07.01.jpg

Brian got his usual — eggs fried hard, hash browns, biscuits and gravy — which is what he always gets at every diner or breakfast joint no matter if we’re at IHOP or The Good Egg.

2011-12-31 12.06.01.jpg

Mandy got the 1-2-3 breakfast.

2011-12-31 12.06.35.jpg

Tita Rose got the open-faced roast beef sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy.

2011-12-31 12.07.37.jpg

Tony got liver and onions. I must have been really hungry because it actually looked good to me and I hate liver. LOL.

2011-12-31 12.08.36.jpg

Livingston's Diner on Urbanspoon

I got the same thing that Gina Ann got — chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and corn. I think Justin got the same thing too, so I didn’t bother to take a picture of his plate. I don’t know what Coley got, nor could I take a picture of it, because he is a kill joy. =P

Lunch was really good. If Brian and I weren’t limiting ourselves to only eating out once a month, I could totally see myself eating there every week.

Brunch at Newport Grill

2011-11-20 10.42.24.jpg

2011-11-20 11.19.06.jpg

2011-11-20 11.18.51.jpg

2011-11-20 11.19.17.jpg

2011-11-20 11.19.27.jpg

2011-11-20 11.18.23.jpg

It was really yummy. We will have to go back!

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