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Brunch at Newport Grill

2011-11-20 10.42.24.jpg

2011-11-20 11.19.06.jpg

2011-11-20 11.18.51.jpg

2011-11-20 11.19.17.jpg

2011-11-20 11.19.27.jpg

2011-11-20 11.18.23.jpg

It was really yummy. We will have to go back!

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Bella Luna Cafe – Bradley Fair

2011-08-20 19.45.44.jpg

We’d lived in close proximity to the Bradley Fair Bella Luna Cafe location for several years and had never been there until last night. Man, we’d been missing out! I can’t believe it took Carla’s birthday to get us out there.

2011-08-20 20.16.02.jpg

Carla had the chicken carbonara. It looked so delicious!

2011-08-20 20.16.51.jpg

Brian and I decided to split something so as to keep me from over-eating and not have a repeat of last Saturday. I had some of Jenni’s hummus shawarmah (it’s misspelled on the Bella Luna menu) and ate half of Brian’s chicken shawarmah and some fries. It was just the right amount of food for me.

2011-08-20 20.17.24.jpg

I saw that Bella Luna had Georgia peach on their drink menu also, so I tried it. I was curious how it compared to the same drink at YaYa’s. I have to say that I prefer the YaYa’s version, even though it’s more expensive — $10 vs. $8. It’s definitely worthy of the $2 premium. Though, I think the hummus and the carbonara at Bella Luna are probably better.

I’m really glad that we finally got the opportunity to check it out. We’d only ever been to the East Central Bella Luna Cafe location and that was several years ago. It’s really nice to know that the one that is within walking distance of our place is just as good. Brian and I are already planning our next trip back.

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The Penne Carbonara at YaYa’s is “To Die For”

If you know what happened to us this weekend, while celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary, then you’ll find this title completely amusing. I actually have to give our friend Jay credit for this one. He and Becca called us on Sunday morning, while they were having brunch at Friendly’s.

He was like, “You know that you didn’t have to act out to get attention. If you wanted us to come home, all you had to do was say the word.” I told him that we really enjoyed our dinner because the food and service were great. That’s when he made the “to die for” comment. LOL.

2011-08-13 18.56.29.jpg

We started with their hummus and pita.

2011-08-13 19.06.27.jpg

I indulged by having a Georgia peach. It was delicious!

2011-08-13 19.47.22.jpg

So delicious that I had two of them!

2011-08-13 19.32.40.jpg

Brian had a couple of bottles of Sam Adams Boston Lager. This is our server Ben, who was great, but couldn’t poor beer properly to save his life. LOL.

2011-08-13 19.18.54.jpg

The bread was good, but it looks like chicken from far away.

2011-08-13 19.21.02.jpg

Brian had the four cheese pizza, which he only ate half of… Our server Ben boxed up the rest, but Brian left it at the restaurant because of all the excitement that happened. It was the last thing on his mind.

2011-08-13 19.33.41.jpg


2011-08-13 19.21.32.jpg

The infamous penne carbonara, served European style with the egg yolk in the middle. It was so delicious, I ate almost all of it. My body totally freaked out. I experienced vasovagal response — had a seizure and passed out, not once, but twice. After the second time, I ended up on the floor of the patio at YaYa’s.

2011-08-13 19.51.36.jpg

Brian didn’t finish his pizza, but I ate almost all of my food.

2011-08-13 20.05.06.jpg

We had a tough decision about what to get for dessert. Everything looked yummy!

2011-08-13 20.18.36.jpg

We settled on the creme brulee trio, which Brian thoroughly enjoyed. I think it was the combination of everything — hummus and pita, bread, penne, dessert, and two Georgia peaches — that did me in. I want a do over!

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First Time at the Bradley Fair Il Vicino

Il Vicino is one of my favorite pizza places. Everyone knows that I’m not a pizza person. Before Papa Murphy’s and Pacific Coast Pizza came into my life, Il Vicino used to be the only place I would eat pizza.

Brian and I used to go to the Il Vicino on Douglas a lot before we started regularly packing our lunches. As much as we like the original Il Vicino and as close as their Bradley Fair location is to our place (it’s within biking distance — or walking if you’re feeling ambitious), it’s amazing that we’d never been there until now. I guess we’re staying true to our goal of not eating out as much. Though, we fail at it about as much as we succeed.

2011-03-19 19.21.16.jpg

Brian and I usually split a chicken Caesar salad (sans anchovies unless Brian forgets to tell them, which is what happened this time around) and the vespa. The vespa is so yummy! It’s my favorite thing to get there.

2011-03-19 19.21.46.jpg

We’ll usually split a tiramisu also, but I was still feeling guilty about eating a large bowl of ice cream earlier that day while Brian took his afternoon nap. I was also good and opted for water instead of drinking soda because I’d been drinking more Pepsi that I should lately. I’m going to make up for all that bad eating by doing a two-hour workout today, though.

Anyway, I’m glad that I was outnumbered and we decided to go to the Il Vicino at Bradley Fair last night. I don’t know when we would have been able to check it out otherwise.

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Il Vicino & Cocoa Dolce Coming Soon to Bradley Fair

Photo-0087.jpeg Photo-0086.jpeg

Brian and I were at Marble Slab Creamery today enjoying some ice cream. On our way home, we happened by Il Vicino and Cocoa Dolce “coming soon” signs. We are excited about Il Vicino the most. This means we will no longer have to drive downtown for some good pizza.

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