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Always Ask the Locals

If there’s anything we learned on this trip, it’s to always ask the locals about the best places to eat. When Paul at Saltwater Farm Vineyard asked us what we had planned for the day, he suggested skipping lunch at Mystic Pizza (not that great, anyway) and going to Skipper’s Dock instead where we can eat outside and watch the boats sail around the bay. He said we could drive to Mystic and take pictures if we must, but he discouraged us from eating there because we’d be disappointed. For the best food, he recommend Dog Watch Cafe in the Boroughs. For the best view of the harbor, he recommended Skipper’s Dock which serves great food also.

2011-06-30 12.25.48.jpg

2011-06-30 12.41.19.jpg

We were all really glad that we took his advice because Skipper’s Dock was fantastic! Just check out this view!

2011-06-30 13.13.34.jpg

2011-06-30 12.50.36.jpg

The weather was absolutely perfect for eating out on the dock.

2011-06-30 12.51.16.jpg

The one thing that you have to really watch out for is getting too much sun. The temperature was usually around 80 to 82 degrees during our entire trip. I don’t think it ever got above 85 degrees. It was sunny but not hot so you can be outside for hours without even realizing how long you’ve been out in the sun. You can get sunburn without even knowing it until after the fact because it’s so nice out. That’s something that you really have to watch out for.

Here’s the obligatory food photos…

2011-06-30 12.52.35.jpg

2011-06-30 12.52.08.jpg

Brian had the grilled chicken flatbread sandwich with a side of fries and coleslaw. He said it was delicious! He was a little tipsy from the wine tasting just moments before, so who knows. LOL. When Becca and I left to explore the vineyard, Paul came out with a full wine glass of Brian’s favorite of all the Saltwater Farm wines — the 2007 Estate Cabernet Franc — and a full wine glass of of Jay’s favorite — the 2010 Sauvignon Blanc — and a wine glass for himself as well. After they finished their wines, Paul came back out with the rest of the bottle of the 2010 and they finished it off. The guys were inebriated and it wasn’t even noon yet.

2011-06-30 12.53.11.jpg

I had the crispy lump Maryland crab cakes, which don’t look that great on the outside but were super yummy! They served it with Cajun remoulade and Jicama slaw, and were easily the best crab cakes I’d ever had. I actually kind of like the crunchiness of the outside.

2011-06-30 12.51.57.jpg

Jay and Becca had the Skipper’s seagoing fish sandwich: beer-battered cod with lettuce and tomato on a toasted potato roll, served with pickles, slaw and fries on the side. We didn’t just feast on our food, we also feasted on the magnificent view of the sailboats and the harbor. I loved having lunch outside! I think it just made my food that much more delicious!

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