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Gina’s Birthday Dinner at Abuelo’s

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Brian and I were bad again last night. Not only did we eat out but we had dinner at around 9 pm, which is a lot later than we are used to eating. We planned on having dinner at 8 pm to celebrate Gina Ann’s birthday, but Abuelo’s doesn’t take reservations on the weekends any more. Not even for large groups. They accept “call ahead” but we still had to wait. What made it worse was that this group of people would not leave. They were done eating, but they continued to sit there and sip their sodas and waters even after numerous hints from the wait staff.

Two of the tables we needed were ready, but we were waiting for the people at that last table to leave so that the three tables could be put together. There were several things suggested like buying them a round of drinks at the bar so to get them to leave the table, but then we weren’t sure if they were of legal drinking age. They looked young, but appeared to be of age. However, they were drinking water and soda so we came to the conclusion that they probably weren’t drinkers. Stephanie knew who they were and she said they didn’t drink, so that idea was nixed.

It was terrible because the restaurant and the server couldn’t make any money while they were sitting there tying up a table. On a busy Saturday night, you want a continuous flow of people coming and leaving. When you’re done and you’ve paid, then leave so that the restaurant can get the next group in. If you want to keep your table, then order dessert or order some more drinks or something. At least make it worthwhile for the server and the restaurant. It wouldn’t have been as bad if it was during a slow period and there was no wait but, when there are starving people waiting for you, at least try to be considerate.

Half an hour later, they were still sitting there merrily chatting. We were like, chat at the bar or chat in the restaurant lobby. Just chat elsewhere so that we can finally get our table. Coley finally took matters into his own hands and spoke to the manager. Shortly after that, the manager went to speak with the group to politely ask them to leave. I’m pretty sure they weren’t happy about that, but we didn’t care. We’d been waiting a while and some of us were very hungry.

I didn’t get pictures of everyone’s food because Coley hates it when I do that. I didn’t get pictures of mine and Brian’s food because we always get the same thing. It’s really not that exciting. Besides, I think most of us were starving, so if I would have asked someone to hold off eating until I got a photo of their food they probably would have chopped my head off.

I did get a picture of Stephanie’s dinner because she ordered French fries — of all things — at a Mexican restaurant! LOL. She tried to order mac and cheese, but she was denied. No mac and cheese at Abuelo’s apparently. Not even for kids.

2012-02-25 21.14.12.jpg

BTW, Brian and I are only supposed to eat out no more than once a month, but there were so many things that went on this month that I have lost count. Valentines week/month is almost worse than Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. I hit my lowest weight ever this month and promptly gained back the weight I’d lost and then some. I swore that I gained five pounds in the span of a week. Blech.

Post-Birthday Celebration

2011-12-02 20.57.30.jpg

We treated Jenni and Rene to dinner at Sabor last night. It was basically a post-birthday celebration of sorts. Jenni’s birthday was on the 26th, which we were out of town for, and Rene’s was on the 30th. As for me, I was celebrating the fact that I bought my first size 0 jeans in about half a decade. Although, I’m on antibiotics and couldn’t celebrate to the fullest. Everyone else was drinking, but me!

2011-12-02 20.21.37.jpg

We started out with platanutres (plantain chips), which are like the banana chips we have back in the Philippines except they are cut lengthwise and are served salty rather than sweet. They give you avocado crema and chimichurri sauce for dipping. It is my absolute favorite thing to get at Sabor. I can’t visit the restaurant without ordering some platanutres.

2011-12-02 20.15.21.jpg

We also ordered some fried calamari, which I really like, but also have to eat more of now because I don’t get enough iodine apparently.

2011-12-02 20.38.22.jpg

The guys both had fire roasted chicken and chipotle cheddar mashed potatoes. The only difference is that Brian got the chimichurri sauce with his dinner, while Rene asked for the mango sauce.

2011-12-02 20.39.17.jpg

Jenni had a boring Caesar salad that she mostly just played with. I could have sworn that she didn’t eat any of it. I think she just moved the lettuce around. =P

2011-12-02 20.40.20.jpg

I normally get the adobo pork with rice because the pork is tender and has great flavor and I like rice… a lot. I would eat rice with every meal, if I could. However, I wasn’t all that hungry after the platanutres and the calamari so I just had a bowl of the sancocho soup instead.

I’d never had soup with slices of avocado in it before. I thought it was odd but, since I like avocados, I thought I would take a chance. The soup was delicious and I was glad I ordered it. I think I have a new favorite at Sabor now. 🙂

2011-12-02 20.41.26.jpg

Brian and I shared a slice of chocolate cake for dessert.

2011-12-02 20.59.28.jpg

Rene and Jenni both asked for flan. I had some of Jenni’s flan too actually, so I totally indulged that night. But then, I just had soup for dinner rather than having a full entree, so I figured it would be alright.

2011-12-02 21.00.02.jpg

The flan at Sabor has really good consistency and good flavor. Jenni and I both liked it except for the topping they put on it, which we didn’t care for. In the Philippines the top of the leche flan consists of caramelized sugar. Jenni knows how to make it, so I made a special request for Christmas. It would be a real treat to have Filipino flan for our noche buena this year. I can feel myself getting fat and not being able to fit in my new size 0 jeans just thinking about it. Mmmm… Mmm… Yum! It’s so totally worth it, though. 😉

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Donna’s Birthday Dinner at P.F. Chang’s

In case you were wondering why Brian was all guzzied up the other day, it’s because we had a dinner date with his parents that night to celebrate his mom’s birthday. She picked P.F. Chang’s (the same place we went to last year).

2011-09-06 17.59.25.jpg

We were actually looking forward to it as we hadn’t been in what seemed like forever. I originally thought it had been years but, after looking at old photos and old blog entries, I realized we were there last year. LOL. =P

2011-09-06 17.53.25.jpg

Donna had her hair and makeup done for the occasion and looked fabulous!

2011-09-06 17.55.23.jpg

Here she is holding a gift from Cousin Tracy that we brought back from Texas.

2011-09-06 18.06.10.jpg

Here come the barrage of obligatory food photos…

2011-09-06 18.23.27.jpg

The Mongolian beef with eggplant that Brian and I shared.

2011-09-06 18.24.08.jpg

Donna’s chicken lettuce wraps.

2011-09-06 18.24.50.jpg

David had regular Mongolian beef. He’s not a pain like I am. I always substitute stuff and change things up.

2011-09-06 19.00.22.jpg

Donna with her birthday dessert. I exercised self-control (for once) and didn’t have any. Amazing, I know. It was tough. Trust me.

2011-09-06 19.01.01.jpg

David had a couple of bites…

2011-09-06 19.01.30.jpg

As much as I restrained myself, I still think I ate more than I should have. Dinner was yummy, though! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you, Mom and Dad B!

Jenni’s Food Pics Continue to Make Me Drool

I’m really enjoying keeping up with mom and Jenni’s trip through Facebook. I eagerly await each installment of photos. Every time I see food, I drool. I’m so jealous that we didn’t get to go on this trip with them.


Lechon is always a staple at birthdays. Nom, nom, nom.


Happy birthday, Mama Iyay!

Mike’s Wine Dive

2011-06-24 19.55.37.jpg

2011-06-24 19.56.11.jpg

Mom treated Jenni, Brian and me out to dinner at Mike’s Wine Dive last night for Brian’s birthday. It was yummy!

2011-06-24 20.05.51.jpg

I had their famous mac and cheese. It’s got lobster, shrimp and crab meat and is absolutely delicious. I really wanted to eat the entire bowl even though it was more than I could manage. It doesn’t look like much, but is actually quite filling.

2011-06-24 20.05.05.jpg

Brian had the Cuban, but he said it wasn’t as good as the last time.

2011-06-24 20.04.41.jpg

Mom had the grilled chicken pasta dish and Jenni had a steak sandwich.

2011-06-24 20.04.10.jpg

Everything looked delicious. Even Brian’s Cuban, which he wasn’t all that impressed with this time around. What is it about restaurants? They are fantastic when they first open, but then the quality of the food starts to diminish over time. I didn’t even bother to take a picture of the chocolate bag this time because it was smaller than I remembered. Actually, my phone ran out of battery. Jenni took a picture of it, though. She’s supposed to send it to me, but I haven’t got it yet.

The mac and cheese is still very good, though. I’m going to get it again next time we are back. Although, we’re not supposed to be eating out so much anymore. Dining out more than twice a month is really not conducive to losing weight. =P

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