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Tortang Talong

You guys know how much I love tortang talong. Mom made it for us for dinner last night, along with several yummy dishes such as sinigang na baboy, humba, and bico. Here are some photos of the making of the torta.

2012-02-19 14.50.40.jpg

Before mom could start the torta, dad had to grill the talong.

This is what the grilled talong looked like.

2012-02-19 15.16.37.jpg

Then you open up the talong to prep it for the rest of the ingredients.

2012-02-19 15.18.31.jpg

The scrambled eggs hold the ground pork in place. It binds the meat to the talong.

2012-02-19 15.19.38.jpg

So when you flip it over, it doesn’t fall apart.

2012-02-19 15.24.03.jpg

This is what the finished product looks like.

2012-02-19 15.20.29.jpg

Here’s mom making some more. BTW, mom did a fantastic job on dinner last night. Everything was delicious. Even the bico, which I don’t normally eat, was very good. I actually took some leftover bico with me. I shared it with a couple of my coworkers this morning and they loved it too. I think I’m going to have to ask mom for the recipe and instructions. 🙂

Sancocho Chicken

This has quickly become my most favorite chicken soup of all time. (Go to Sabor in Old Town Square if you want to give it a try. It’s delicious!)

Sabor on Urbanspoon

Bang Wednesday at Bonefish

Had a great dinner at Bonefish with Misty, Cari, Stacy and Brian. Love, love, love Bang Wednesdays!

BTW, Brian and I finally got to try the chocolate creme brulee. We’ve been leery about trying it because it’s infused with Gran Marnier and we were always afraid that Brian would have a negative physical reaction. He managed to get a few bites before it started. He said it was worth it. I have to great. Best creme brulee ever!

Bonefish Grill on Urbanspoon


After Brian helped me clean my office on Saturday, I rewarded him by taking him to Wasabi for a late lunch. The cleaning and organizing took longer than we anticipated, so we didn’t get to eat until 1:30 pm. We didn’t even completely finish, but had to give up because his blood sugar was about to bottom out. Yes, my office was that messy.

Anyway, when I checked in to Wasabi on FourSquare, it said that I hadn’t been there since July 2011. That was really impressive. As much as we loved eating sushi at Wasabi, we managed to stay away for six months. I guess when we say that “we’re not eating out” we really mean it. Wow.

Now let’s see if we can make it another six months without going back. =P

Old Town Sushi Bar By Wasabi on Urbanspoon

Lonesome Spur

The day after cousin Tracy and Jeff’s wedding shower, we all met up at Lonesome Spur for breakfast. Cousin Tracy’s friend Lynn joined us also.

2012-02-05 11.04.00.jpg

For those of you who don’t know, Lonesome Spur is located in the town of Justin, the boot capital of Texas. It’s the home of — yep, you got it — Justin boots. The discount warehouse was right next the restaurant. We actually saw it on the drive up and I got very excited. That is, until I found out that they’re closed on Sundays. Such is my luck. Ugh.


I guess we’ll just have to make another trip back.


The food at Lonesome Spur actually wasn’t bad and the menu prices were quite reasonable. I wouldn’t mind eating there again.


Brian had the Justin scramble, which is the exact same thing he gets at every breakfast joint or diner that we go to whether or not it is on the menu.


Donna had an omelet.


David had chicken fried steak, which doesn’t really look as impressive as other chicken fried steaks that I’ve seen or eaten.


It looks like cousin Tracy had a bigger chicken fried steak. Hmmm?


I ordered the cowboy omelet minus the veggies. The only thing I had them leave were the tomatoes. So basically it just had ham, sausage, bacon and tomato. LOL.


I really liked the extra crispy hashbrowns. That was a good call by cousin Tracy.


Here’s our group at breakfast. I can’t wait to go back. Not so much to eat, but I want to go boot shopping. I heard you can get some really good deals from the Justin discount warehouse. 😉

Lonesome Spur Cafe on Urbanspoon

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