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Chicken and Waffles

The Dills made possible my first taste of chicken and waffles. Thanks for bringing your waffle maker over.

2011-01-15 23.13.11.jpg

2011-01-15 23.11.00.jpg

2011-01-15 22.49.40.jpg

2011-01-15 22.44.52.jpg

2011-01-15 22.46.34.jpg

2011-01-15 22.47.30.jpg

2011-01-15 22.48.31.jpg

2011-01-15 23.12.03.jpg

2011-01-15 23.12.39.jpg

2011-01-15 23.21.08.jpg

The guys did a really good job. It was delicious!

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