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Riverside Cafe

The other day Jan and Brian and I went to Riverside Cafe for lunch. Usually Jan is the one who takes me to all these different restaurants in the area that I’ve never been. This time we took her somewhere she had never been.

Actually, Brian and I had never been to Riverside Cafe before either. So we were all trying it out for the first time. We decided to go there because I found this “buy one get one free” coupon at the 360 Wichita web site. That, and Brian and I didn’t have breakfast that morning. It worked out perfectly because Riverside Cafe serves breakfast all day.

Brian and Jan ordered the exact same thing, and they both added a half order of biscuits and gravy to their meal. Their half orders of biscuits and gravy are enormous! It’s like what you would get if you asked for a full order at most places. I was thinking they could have split a half order between the two of them, specially since they had their separate meals anyway.

My meal consisted of corned beef hash, hash browns, eggs, and wheat toast. Plus, I ate Brian’s bacon. He didn’t like it because it wasn’t super crispy. It’s not like “floppy” bacon, but it wasn’t “crispy crunchy” the way Brian likes it either. My food was delicious. I think Jan and Brian were satisfied with their meals also. We were all very, very full.

The only disappointment was that we put .50 cents in jukebox but we never got to hear our songs play. =( All of the music that played was good, though, so it wasn’t too bad. At least we know not to put money in the jukebox next time.

Riverside Cafe is a pretty good place to eat. I wouldn’t mind going there again.







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