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Hays House 1857


Brian and I got to try food at the the Hays House in Council Grove the other night. Hays House is where our department holiday party was held. Brian was grousing on the drive over because it took almost two hours to get there. I told him not to complain about the long drive or the location or anything else for that matter. Luckily, he was a good designated driver and did imbibe so he remained in control and in his best behavior.

I had never been to Council Grove before and when we arrived, all I could say was “Wow!” Main Street, where the restaurant is located, looks like it came out of the movies. Think Sweet Home Alabama. Actually, think of any movie featuring a small town. They even had a Farmers and Drovers Bank on the corner. I wanted to keep walking around and take pictures. The only thing that stopped me from doing that was the cold winter night and no coat. (I didn’t wear a coat to work that morning and Brian and I left straight from work. Brian took off work around 4:30 pm, but I didn’t get to leave work until almost 4:45 pm. We told Jan that we would pick her up at her house at quarter till and we still had to get gas so there was no time to grab a coat or freshen up.)


Several people were already there when we arrived. We had a pretty large group since spouses and significant others were invited. We actually closed down the main dining room. All other patrons were relegated to the tavern upstairs, which I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to explore and take pictures of.

Brian wasn’t too impressed with the restaurant or the food. I think the drive might have affected his attitude, though, because we had the same thing and I thought the food was great. I liked the ambiance, too. Of course, I may have been high from the magical experience of being in a small town downtown area. I have no idea. All I know is that I want to go back during the daytime, and stuff my belly with their delicious chicken and noodles. (Yeah, I skipped the salad in favor of the chicken and noodles, which was made just the way I like it: more chicken and more noodles and hardly any sabaw.)


Next time I go back, though, I’m going upstairs to check out the tavern. I want to see what a small town tavern looks like. LOL. 🙂



They must have done something special for our group because I didn’t see our entrees in their regular menu. Our options were prime rib, chicken, or shrimp. Carmen got the shrimp entree, but she was sitting at another table so I didn’t get a picture of her plate. No one at our table ordered shrimp. We sat with Pam and her fiance, Angie, and Jan. Everyone at our table ordered prime rib except for Brian and me. The picture of the prime rib plate above is Jan’s. It looked so good that for a moment I almost regretted ordering chicken. Although, after I had the first bite of my chicken I forgot all about the prime rib.

I try not to order steak whenever I’m with a large group of people because either they don’t ask how I want mine (they’ll just prepare all the steaks the same way) or they’ll ask and get it wrong, and I am inevitably disappointed. I think this is what happened to Pam’s because she asked for hers well done, and it had a lot of pink in the middle. There must have been some kind of mix up, and someone else got hers and she got theirs. I just avoid the whole dilemma by always getting chicken when I’m in these situations. Brian’s decided that he’s going to avoid red meat for a while — his reason for going with the chicken entree. He didn’t like it as much as I did, though. I think it might have been the mushrooms. I used to not like mushrooms either, but ever since Dallas (and Clayton’s delicious grilled mushrooms) I’ve had a change of heart.



Our dessert options were cherry or peach cobbler. I don’t like cherry pies or cobblers (ironic, I know) so I went for the peach and enjoyed it immensely. I’m not sure if it was all the sugar or carbs that I hadn’t had in a while, but I thought it was one of the best I’d ever had. I ate every bit of it. When the server asked Brian which one he wanted, he told her that he didn’t care which one because he just wanted the ice cream off it. True to form, that’s exactly what he did.

Someone at the table asked what the difference was between pie and cobbler and “pastry chef wannabe” Brian educated as all. He is such a wealth of useless information. LOL.

So anyway, that’s my first Hays House experience and hopefully not my last. Despite the long driving distance, I really want to go back. I hope I can get Brian to take me there again. Until then I’m going to focus my attention on the other 8 Wonders of Kansas Cuisine. I’ve been to two out of eight already: Cozy Inn and Hays House 1857. Which one should we visit next?

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