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I ♥ Sushi!

2010-11-10 11.57.49.jpg

Mo was in town last week and he had never been to Wasabi before so that’s where we went for lunch. Darcy was not feeling well that day and took off early so only the four of us — Jan, Mo, Brian and I — had lunch. I rarely ever get to see Mo anymore so it was a real treat.

2010-11-10 11.56.50.jpg

Of course, any excuse to dine at Wasabi is as good as any. Actually, Darcy mentioned to me today that she and Bobby are having dinner there tonight. I was almost tempted to ask Brian to go there for dinner also. I decided against crashing their nice dinner, though. LOL.

2010-11-10 12.24.11.jpg

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One Response to “I ♥ Sushi!”

  1. November 20th, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    Mo says:

    Great pictures! It was an amazing lunch! I would love to go back to Wasabi when I’m in town. Again, thank you!

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