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Hangar One Steakhouse

I finally got a chance to try Hangar One Steakhouse when our boss took us there for lunch a couple of weeks ago (yes, I’m way behind on posting photos). It was a celebration lunch.

2010-09-10 11.24.55.jpg

The decor inside the restaurant is pretty neat. I liked that the employees all wore pilot uniforms.

2010-09-10 11.27.25.jpg

2010-09-10 11.28.25.jpg

Here’s a picture of the aviation-themed menu.

2010-09-10 11.27.56.jpg

Obligatory food pictures follow.

2010-09-10 12.09.19.jpg

2010-09-10 12.09.45.jpg

2010-09-10 12.10.07.jpg

2010-09-10 12.10.34.jpg

2010-09-10 12.11.01.jpg

Brian still hasn’t been there so I’ll have to take him one of these days. I think the best time to go is in the evening when the bar upstairs is open so you can hang out up there to listen to the air traffic and watch the planes go by. Maybe I’ll take him on a date there or something. 😉

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