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Brint’s Diner

Sandi at Brint's Diner

We finally got a chance to eat at Brint’s Diner. We’d been dying to check out the place ever since we saw them featured on the first episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on The Food Network. The first time we went they were closed. We didn’t get a chance to return again until Saturday.

We went there after my waxing and before running errands. I had two eggs, corned beef hash, hashbrowns, and toast. Brian had the one-two-three (one egg, two strips of bacon, and three fluffy pancakes) and a side of hashbrowns. The food was alright. It reminds me of the food at the diner we ate at in Peabody, though not quite as good. The service was okay. I think the nostalgia or novelty is what brings people back. And, of course, Sandi — she’s super nice.

You can tell that most of the patrons are regulars. They all know each other by name. Though, business has picked up considerably since the airing of the TV episode so there are more non-regulars now. Brian and I being prime examples.

It’s funny how we never even knew the place existed, and we probably never would have had it not been for The Food Network. Brian’s dad is familiar with the place, though. He’d dined there several times before. It’s a hole in the wall that is tucked behind a bread shop so it’s kind of hard to find. Also not in the best neighborhood so it’s not really the kind of place you invite people to.

I think Brian and I will probably return. We still have to try the other menu items.

Brian at Brint's Diner

My Meal at Brint's Diner

Waiting for a Table

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