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Fox & Hound

Good thing the food was good because the service was pretty bad. The server we had was pretty inattentive. Even after we told her that there were three of us (except Brian was in the restroom washing his hands), she took off without getting Chad’s drink order. She turned around and left after I told her what Brian and I wanted to drink. I hate when people make assumptions, instead of clarifying first. Just as I figured, when she came back with the drinks minutes later, she set it in front of Chad and me.

We ordered an appetizer (the party platter with cheese sticks, potato skins, buffalo wings and pretzels) for the three of us to share and then both Chad and Brian got the black forest sandwich and then I got boring ol’ chicken tenders.



Our appetizer took 25 minutes to arrive, which would not have been bad except our food arrived a couple of minutes later. I hate it when the timing is off. At least the food was good.

The black forest sandwich was actually pretty good. It consists of grilled turkey, smoked bacon, monterey jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard dressing in a bavarian pretzel roll and is probably not very good for you health-wise.

The chicken tenders were battered the way we like them. Although, they’re probably not good for you either. Chad is not a good influence when it comes to food. We’re always pigging out on stuff (most of the time it’s B&C BBQ) when we’re together.

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  1. December 8th, 2010 at 6:05 am

    Jule Aversa says:

    Thanks very much for that! My dad recently harvested her garden full of tomatoes before the winter really set in, and I found myself the owner of two or four buckets worth! Of course I couldnt eat them all like that, but I did find a website full of lots more tomato recipes at that site. A whole website dedicated the topic!! Crazy what you can find on the internets these days!!

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