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Tanjay Fiesta at Casa Alonso

As promised here are the pictures from our little family fiesta, which incidentally coincided with the fiesta in Tanjay (mom and dad’s home town).


Lumpia is a staple at any Filipino shindig. You can’t have a Filipino food fest without it.


Mom’s pancit is not very colorful, but it’s just the way I like it. The lack of color means there’s hardly any veggies. LOL.


This is supposed to be mungo, but you can’t tell because it has so much sabaw. It doesn’t look like much, but it was delicious!


Barbecued pork on a stick. This is what mom and dad meant by having a “barbecue” at their place. I guess you can’t call it a “barbecue” without grilling something. =P

Obligatory non-food pictures follow…


Dad and Logan


I think a decent-sized covered porch (like mom and dad have) is going to be a must for our next house. It’s fun to hang out (whether it’s nice out or whether it’s raining) and stare at nothing.


I guess staring at mom and dad’s tree isn’t so bad, but if your bladder is full then the little water feature might make you want to go to the bathroom.


Matthew (Logan’s dad) and Brian


Armando and Jen (Jennifer Cannady is in the background)

Good thing Jenni was out of town last weekend. We have way to many Jennifer’s in the family. I have to write their names as Jen, Jenni, and Jennifer just to keep them straight.

P.S. I really miss the 5MP camera of the HD2. After taking pictures with the HD2, returning to the HTC Touch Pro 2 and its lower picture quality is no fun. The food pictures just don’t come out the same.

Check out this one I took with the HD2 when Brian and I went to dinner at his parents’ house a few days ago.


It’s just not the same, right?

Hopefully, I can save enough money to buy the Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S). It has a 5MP camera as well. Maybe someone at Samsung will send me one to play with. LOL. I doubt I’d be that lucky. Oh, well. I guess I just have to save money and pay for it like everyone else.

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