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Brian missed out on Linkhaus last week so I decided to take him there for dinner after work. Sunny has a remote broadcast there every Friday for the month of July. I think this is going to be our regular Friday thing over the next couple of weeks. At least until Sunny isn’t doing remotes there anymore.

It’s always great to see Sunny and Scott. Brian hasn’t seen them in a long while.


Jen and Armando met us there for dinner.


It was their first trip to Linkhaus also.


This is what Armando had.


This is what Jen had. I had the same thing minus all of the stuff. I could only eat one, though. Brian ate one and then the last one just had to get tossed.


Brian ordered the same hotdog that I had last week. The one I had two bites of and then gave the rest to Shane. Brian said the large hotdog intimidated him a little, but he gave it his best anyway.


Try as he could, he could not finish it either.


In addition to all the hotdogs, we also had an order of tater tots, some Cajun tater tots and some mini beignets. Linkhaus is kind of growing on me. See you there next Friday?

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  1. July 17th, 2010 at 6:58 am

    Jen and Armando : Life After Marriage says:

    […] and Armando came over last night after meeting us for dinner at Linkhaus. It was a little embarrassing because we hadn’t cleaned the house yet. Brian’s luggage […]

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