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Beef Bul Go Gi

Here’s my beef bul go gi, mild with no onions.


Jen Teves picked on me about that. So I don’t like onions in my food. What’s the big deal? It’s not like I’m a weirdo running around Central Park, flashing people. I think onions taste gross. That and they feel weird in my mouth.


I took a vacation day on Tuesday so after dropping Brian off at the airport, I had the day to myself. I figured I could go have lunch with Jen Teves. I couldn’t have her all to myself, though. We ended up going to lunch with her friends Mikki and Bobby. JW is in the picture because we ran into him in the parking lot and so we asked him to join us.


JW didn’t stay because he was on his lunch break. He pretty much just ate and ran. This is a picture we took after he left.

Jen and Mikki rode with me to Manna Wok. Bobby ended up driving himself. Probably a smart move on his part because we found out later that my driving is comparable to an 80 year old person.

This explains a lot actually. Brian is always complaining that I make him stop or slow down 100 feet from the stop light or car ahead of us. As soon as I see break lights, I immediately start saying stop or slow down from the passenger side. I think that’s my way of overcompensating for my slow reaction time.

It’s a good thing that Brian drives me around everywhere, I guess. He’s actually helping the world by keeping me off the streets. Thankfully, I managed to get us to lunch and back to Larksfield Place where Jen Teves and her cohorts are conducting human experiments.

Before you get the wrong idea, let me clarify. The Visual Perception & Cognition Lab is conducting a study on older adults (60 years old and above). The study investigates training procedures to improve driving and prevent falls. Participants receive a $50 gift card (seeing as I’m 28 years from qualifying, I didn’t get a gift card — but I did get to check out their lab and rig) and the best participant gets an additional $50 gift card. They’ll also provide a free vision and cognitive assessment valued at $500.

The VPC lab is conducting this Practice-to-Perform-Better Project in collaboration with Wichita State University, Larksfield Place, and the Regional Institute on Aging. So the human experiments taking place there are perfectly fine and perfectly legal. If you know of any senior citizens who might be interested in being experimented on, send them their way.

P.S. My mild beef bul go gi with no onions was delicious.

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  1. July 11th, 2010 at 11:35 pm

    When the Mouse is Away… : Life After Marriage says:

    […] off at the airport. After dropping him off, I planned on having lunch with Jennifer Teves. After our lunch at at Manna Wok, I got to play with the […]

  2. July 25th, 2010 at 10:20 am

    Dominic says:

    Manna Wok is a tasty little gem. Many times the small places that have a few tables are.

  3. March 24th, 2011 at 5:14 pm

    fiji says:

    wow! So hungry after reading your blog….wonderful

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