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This Ain’t No IHOP


Breakfast the next day was at The Classic Cup on the corner of 47th Street and Central. We ended up hanging out at Country Club Plaza because Harrah’s canceled their poker tournaments on Sunday.


We had walked by, saw that they were open, and decided to give it a try.


Brian and I both ordered off their special 4th of July menu. I thought about ordering off the regular menu because the prices seemed more reasonable, but it was early and I wasn’t sure any of the regular items were available. My bacon, tomato and spinach omelet was pretty good, though. It cost twice as much as a similar omelet at IHOP, but A Classic Cup ain’t no IHOP. We were definitely not our typical, frugal selves this weekend.


My omelet looks pretty plain because I asked for it without the sour cream and scallions. Brian’s breakfast, on the other hand, looked far from plain. It looked downright scary.

His breakfast gumbo looks scary anyway when he makes it out of a la carte items from whichever breakfast restaurant we just happen to be at.. I was surprised that A Classic Cup actually had his breakfast gumbo as a meal.


This is Brian’s breakfast monstrosity.


It consisted of potatoes, sausage, biscuits and gravy, topped with two fried eggs. It’s exactly what Brian likes to eat for breakfast (he tries to make it no matter where we are — IHOP, Jimmy’s Egg, The Good Egg, Village Inn, Riverside Cafe — it doesn’t matter, he’ll order whatever they’ve got on the menu so that he can put this meal together). I couldn’t believe anyone would actually put this thing on their menu. I am disgusted just thinking about it. =P

Anyway, Brian didn’t finish his breakfast. He said that his biscuits were hard and the gravy was too greasy. Unlike Brian, I found my meal delicious. I almost made a happy plate. I definitely had a happy belly.

Almost Happy Plate

Brian’s belly — later that night and clear into the next day — was not so happy. We couldn’t figure out what upset his stomach so much and we finally decided that it was probably the greasy gravy. That was the only thing he had that I didn’t have and I didn’t get sick.

Oh, well. I’m glad they only had that thing on their menu for one day.

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