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Texas Roadhouse

We took Matthias to Texas Roadhouse for dinner tonight. He loves American steak (apparently beef in Germany isn’t as tasty as US beef; their cows are not like ours, I guess) and really likes Texas Roadhouse.

pork chop


I had their grilled pork chop. Brian had some ribs. Matthias had the KC strip. I didn’t take a picture of his food, though, because we had just met and I figured it was weird enough that I was taking pictures of our food. I think we’ll have to eat with him a few times and get to know him better, before I can feel comfortable taking pictures of his food without him thinking I’m strange. It’s probably too late for that, though. I’m sure he’s already decided I’m strange. LOL.

10 meals for 7.99

Anyway, what I really wanted to share with you guys is the “Early Dinner” special that’s going on right now at Texas Roadhouse. If you dine before 5 PM, Monday through Thursday, you can choose from 10 delicious dinners for only $7.99 — that’s cheaper than a Sandwich at Caffe Moderne!

It sucks for folks like Brian and me, who don’t get off work until 5 PM. It works great for everyone else, though. If you’re one who’s able to make it for the “Early Dinner” thing, go eat a bunch of ribs for me. =P

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