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First Time at Pacific Coast Pizza

Pacific Coast

Brian and I have been eating at home a lot lately. Dining at Pacific Coast Pizza with Chad was our first time eating out in a long time and also our first time there. Like a deprived child, I stuffed my face stupid and almost singlehandedly put away 10 garlic Parmesan chicken wings.

We had the Venice Beach all-meat pizza, which was really good. Chad thinks Pacific Coast pizza is better than Il Vicino pizza. I don’t know about that. It’s better than Pizza Hut for sure. I still like Il Vicino better, as far as pizza goes, though.

What gives Pacific Coast an edge is the homemade potato chips. They are yummy! The chicken wings are a plus, too. I can’t get chicken wings at Il Vicino. But then, no tiramisu at Pacific Coast. They’re about even, I guess, because I’m really not sure which one is better after all factors are considered.

There’s one thing I’m sure of, though… I’ll be back.

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