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Hang Ah in Chinatown

We ate at this strange place in Chinatown called Hang Ah. It was off (and I mean way, way off) the main drag and we wouldn’t have known about it if we weren’t ambushed by these two Asian women handing out fliers on the street. They were handing out fliers with the lunch specials. We looked at the prices, which were pretty cheap, and said, “Sure. Why not?”

We followed one of the Asian women as she led the way. The street that led to the restaurant was on a very steep incline and the walk wasn’t short at all. At one point, I really thought “I hope she’s not leading us to a dark alley to get mugged.” But then I told myself I shouldn’t be so silly. There are four of us.

“I really hope this food is good so that the exhausting walk to the restaurant is worth it,” was another thought that occurred to me. LOL.



The sticker on the door that read, “They love us on Yelp!” made me feel better. Once inside, we saw several other people and that reassured me that this was a legitimate restaurant and the woman wasn’t leading us to our death. She actually led us straight to a table. Talk about full service.

While we were there, we saw her bring a couple of other groups. I wondered how much she got paid for each person she’d bring through the door.





Our pork fried rice at Hang Ah.




Red meat. Literally. Just kidding. This is the barbecue pork and rice plate.




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