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Jimmy’s Egg, West Location

Resturant: Jimmy’s Egg

Location: 8728 W Central Ave, Wichita, KS

On July 18th My wife and I went to Jimmy’s Egg for lunch with a friend. We showed up early because we knew that there would be a wait. Once we got in we found that there was no Hostess. Instead there was a small tablet with a pen and we were instructed by another patron waiting that we needed to put our name down. We found this odd but the line moved pretty quick so we really did not complain. Once we got seated we realized pretty quick that we were not going to receive good service. The waitress took our drink order but it was 20 min before our drinks showed up. Once they did show up it was wrong. Our friend showed up about 10 min after we sat down. Once our friend was sat it was 15 min before we were able to order our food. The waitress was in such a hurry that she was not paying attention to what we were ordering. We kept having to correct her and repeat things to her to make sure that she got everything right. Then the wait came, we waited over 45 min for our food to arrive. I have never waited that long for food.

Once we got our food we were never checked on again. We asked for napkins and had to call for her to bring them to us because she forgot the min she walked away. When it was time for us to leave she forgot to give us our ticket. We asked her for a to-go box and it took another 15 min to get that.

It had to be one of the worst experiences I have had. I would have to say that if you want a good breakfast experience, I would go to someplace else like “The Copper Oven” or “Riverside Cafe”. I have yet to go to these places and receive bad food or bad service.

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