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A Filipino Breakfast

Mom invited us over for breakfast this morning. We had tocino and tortang talong (see the pictures below). Brian really likes that tocino stuff. It has been a while since we’ve had it because it’s kind of a pain to cook. The sweet marinade tends to caramelize in the pan so if you don’t have a good nonstick skillet, then it will sometimes get stuck.

I’ve never tried to make tortang talong, simply because it seems like too much work. I’d been craving it for a while, so I’m glad mom invited us over. I get to enjoy it without having to make it myself. Thanks, mom!


Tortang Talong

We ended up spending the entire day at mom and dad’s, although we hadn’t planned on it. After breakfast, Brian helped dad de-frog the window well. I was thinking that we would leave after that, but Ate Bing showed up and we (mom, Ate Bing, Brian and I) ended up playing mah jongg all afternoon.

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