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Danny Boy’s Smokehouse

Brian and Aaron at the Hutchinson Conklin Cars dealership recommended Danny Boy’s Smokehouse for lunch. They said if we liked barbecue that Danny Boy’s was the place to go. Brian is huge fan of barbecue so, as soon as the word was mentioned, he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Here are some photos of our dining adventure today.

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The atmosphere was your usual barbecue-type environment, with styrofoam plates and plastic utensils. Brian and I ordered the full-slab dinner for two, which comes with four sides and choice of Texas toast or cornbread. We opted for both for a dollar extra because Brian wanted the cornbread and I wanted Texas toast. My two side dishes were coleslaw and corn on the cob. Brian had mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. The nice thing is that they give you the full corn on the cob, not a half or a third. We did have to mark them down because they do not have any French fries, which is what Brian really wanted. Instead he had to settle for mashed potatoes.


They do get bonus points for the variety of sauces they offer. In addition to the regular house sauce, which is my favorite out of all the options, they offer more than twenty different sauces to choose from ranging in levels of spiciness. If you are facing the bar, the sauces get sweeter and less spicy as you go to the right. As you move to the left, the sauces get spicier with the spiciest sauce at the very end on the left. They had Curley’s and Cattleman’s varieties, all sorts of smoke and hickory and probably everything in between. To say that the sauce selection is vast would be an understatement. There is definitely a sauce there for every taste bud.


After trying a few of the sauces, Brian and I agreed that we liked the house selection the best. Even so, I appreciated having the options available to me. I’m sure this works great for their patrons because not everyone likes the same barbecue flavors.

I’m no barbecue expert, but I thought the food was pretty good. Brian said it was the best pork ribs he had ever had. I’m not sure if I would call these the best, but they are pretty darn good. They were tender and fall off the bone.

Our server was friendly and helpful. We enjoyed the meal and our overall experience there. I got a kick out of the shirts that all the restaurant employees were wearing with the funny slogans on the back. One had “DANNY BOY’S SMOKEHOUSE” and then “HORRIFYING VEGETARIANS IN HUTCHINSON, KS” written underneath it. Another had, “GET SAUCED AT DANNY BOY’S SMOKEHOUSE.” There was a variation of this on a shirt hung on the wall that reads, “I GET SAUCED REGULARLY AT DANNY BOY’S SMOKEHOUSE.” I thought the shirts were pretty clever and wanted one to commemorate our first time at Danny Boy’s. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you view it), Brian’s pragmatism prevailed and I didn’t buy one. Thus, limiting our lunch expense to $30 instead of spending an extra $18 on a shirt.

Neither of us could finish our plates so it’s not like we didn’t come home with anything from Danny Boy’s. We took home our leftover ribs and some of the house sauce in a little to-go container. We really should have split a half-rack. I think that’s what we’ll do next time.

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