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Bagatelle is Now on Twitter

Jan and Brian and I went to Bagatelle for lunch yesterday and I found out that Bagatelle is now on Twitter (as of May 1, 2009). I normally don’t get too excited about these things, but I found a sign on their wall (at the checkout counter) that read something like “Join now for updates on daily specials and dessert coupons.” You all know that I’m all about discounts, coupons, and saving money in general. So yea, everyone needs to follow @BagatelleBakery for some good food at discounted prices. Try the baked tilapia. It is delicious! Even without discounts, their prices are great. Where else can you eat a good lunch for $7?

P.S. We ran into my dentist Dr. David Mendoza while we were there. He was just finishing his lunch. He is now on Facebook, but hasn’t joined the Twitter revolution yet. If he likes Bagatelle, I really think that he should sign up and start following their updates. =P

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