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Pu Pu Platter, Anyone?

Brian and I were at Michael’s the other day so we stopped by Beijing Bistro for dinner. Has anyone ever had the pu pu platter there? You get to sample almost every appetizer they have for $10. It really is a great deal.

I didn’t get to try the eggroll, but I liked the batter-fried shrimp, chicken wings, and beef satay. The crab rangoons were okay. Not as good as the wontons you get a PF Chang’s. Brian didn’t like the flavor of the beef satay. He said it had a weird taste to it. He did like the whole playing with fire experience, though.



P.S. Avoid the chicken lettuce wraps at all costs. It was horrid. It made me want to drive to PF Chang’s the same day just to get rid of the taste and sheer memory of having eaten it.

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