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Hu Hot was Hoppin’ Tonight



Had dinner with Jay, Becca, Cory, and April tonight. I was the fifth wheel since Brian is out of town for a while. The five of us decided to go to Hu Hot, one of the newly opened Mongolian grills in town.

They were really busy tonight. I was the first one of our group to arrive and was quoted a 40-45 minute wait. We didn’t end up waiting that long, though.

The experience itself is pretty interesting. It is an all-you-can-eat buffet of sorts, except your food is raw when you go through the food line. You select your meats, veggies, and other mixin’s and then you select your sauces. Finally, you go to the round Mongolian grill area where they take your food and cook it on the grill for a few minutes. They return it to you on a plate when finished.





The food was pretty good (except for the egg drop soup, which Cory and I agreed was like chicken broth with egg and carrots mixed in). Then again, if it’s not any good there’s no one else to blame because you actually put it together. If anything, you can always go back and make something else — which is fine and dandy unless it’s really busy like tonight, then you have to wait in line.

Speaking of busy, I ran into a few familiar faces at Hu Hot including some Tweeps. I didn’t really get a chance to stay and chat much because the restaurant was really busy and crowded. Business must be pretty good.

I think I will take Brian there when he returns. We probably won’t go on a Saturday night, though. I’m thinking that lunch will probably be a less hectic and cheaper time to go.

Speaking of price, the cost is about $15 for dinner and a drink. Dinner includes soup or salad and unlimited returns to the food line. Appetizers and desserts are extra. Anyway, my dinner cost me only two VIP movie passes because Cory and April picked up my tab. 🙂

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