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Reba’s Restaurant


Brian and I attended the Viega appreciation dinner at Reba’s Restaurant in Newton, Kansas last night. Well, it was just the inside sales group not all of Viega. Dinner was courtesy of the boss (pictured above with Brian) and it was delicious. 🙂

Food pictures follow…
My delicious salad with a kick, consisting of a mix of various spring greens and pecans. I opted for the raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

This is my entree — a very thick cut of pork chop with some kind of sweetish sauce over it served over sweet potato mash.

Brian had the Sick O’ Chicken salad for his meal. The name of the dish means sick of chicken as opposed to sicko chicken, which is what I initially thought it meant because I was completely confused by the steak slices. Incidentally, Brian said those slices of beef were very good. He said he would have gotten steak had he known the meat would be so delicious.

Dalyn had the seafood penne. The picture did not do the flavor justice. She said it was fab.

Dalyn’s husband Mark had the salmon. It looked really good also.

For dessert, Brian and I shared a chocolate cake. It was very rich. Dalyn and Mark had the carrot cake. It was so delicious. I would have preferred that one to the chocolate cake, actually, but Brian doesn’t eat carrot cake. =P

I heard the potato leek soup was really good, too. I didn’t get a picture of it, though, because I opted for a salad.

Brian with Reba, the owner of the restaurant.

I didn’t believe she was the owner of the restaurant at first because I was expecting Reba McIntyre. Well, when we were looking up the address on Google Brian told me that the name of the restaurant is spelled R-E-B-A like Reba McIntyre. I misunderstood and thought the owner of the restaurant is the country music artist herself. Thus, the confusion. The restaurant is owned by a different person (not the singer) of the same name.

Anyway, the restaurant has some fantastic reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor, and is supposedly the best that Newton has to offer. Be sure to check it out next time you’re passing through.

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