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Tortang Talong

You guys know how much I love tortang talong. Mom made it for us for dinner last night, along with several yummy dishes such as sinigang na baboy, humba, and bico. Here are some photos of the making of the torta.

2012-02-19 14.50.40.jpg

Before mom could start the torta, dad had to grill the talong.

This is what the grilled talong looked like.

2012-02-19 15.16.37.jpg

Then you open up the talong to prep it for the rest of the ingredients.

2012-02-19 15.18.31.jpg

The scrambled eggs hold the ground pork in place. It binds the meat to the talong.

2012-02-19 15.19.38.jpg

So when you flip it over, it doesn’t fall apart.

2012-02-19 15.24.03.jpg

This is what the finished product looks like.

2012-02-19 15.20.29.jpg

Here’s mom making some more. BTW, mom did a fantastic job on dinner last night. Everything was delicious. Even the bico, which I don’t normally eat, was very good. I actually took some leftover bico with me. I shared it with a couple of my coworkers this morning and they loved it too. I think I’m going to have to ask mom for the recipe and instructions. 🙂

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