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Tracy and Jeff’s Cakes

Cousin Tracy and Jeff had three different cakes at the wedding shower yesterday. This one was the vanilla bean one…

2012-02-04 14.04.59.jpg

This was the chocolate ganache…

2012-02-04 14.04.25.jpg

This was the carrot cake…

2012-02-04 14.03.18.jpg

I had half a slice of the chocolate ganache and a slice of the carrot cake. Both were delicious! I think the vanilla bean was probably equally yummy, but I didn’t get to try it. Brian had half a slice of chocolate ganache cake leftover and I was really tempted to eat the rest of it. I ran to the bathroom real quick (well, not so quick – Brian said that I tied up the bathroom and there was a line of people behind me wanting to use it) to brush my teeth and put my braces back in so that I wouldn’t eat his leftover cake. LOL.

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