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Oldwest Cafe

I discovered a new breakfast place!

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Oldwest Cafe was our stop in Denton, Texas. We couldn’t find a place to park at first and there was a fifteen to twenty minute wait for a table. I’m glad we stuck around though, because the food was great.

I found out about Oldwest Cafe through my Urbanspoon app. It had really good reviews. Out of 243 customer reviews, it had a 99% approval rating. I figured 240 Urbanspoon users can’t possibly be wrong so it was a safe bet. The fact that it was just down the street from our hotel was an added bonus.

2012-02-04 09.43.37.jpg

This is a picture of my yummy hot chocolate.

2012-02-04 09.55.52.jpg

This is David’s breakfast. Our server gave me an option of bacon, sausage or ham. I asked for bacon automatically because that’s what I always get. When they brought David’s plate out and I saw the huge slice of ham, I immediately realized that I made the wrong choice. LOL.

2012-02-04 09.56.43.jpg

Brian ordered the “bandit,” which is exactly what he gets at every breakfast joint. He usually has to piece the meal together from side items listed on the menu. At Oldwest Cafe, they have at of those things that Brian gets as a menu item.

2012-02-04 09.57.27.jpg

I had two eggs, hashbrowns, two slices of bacon and a side of French toast. It was yummy but, I must admit, I had ham envy. LOL.

Oldwest Cafe on Urbanspoon

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