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Donna’s Scalloped Potatoes

We didn’t eat out this weekend, but we might as well have. I totally over-ate. But I couldn’t help it. Between Donna’s delicious scalloped potatoes and Brian’s super tender and yummy pork roast, I had no chance. Donna also made French silk pie. It was sooo good, but sooo bad at the same time.

Today I ate the leftovers so the poor nutrition continued throughout the weekend. Now I have to punish myself for not exercising more self-control. Ugh. I did do Amie’s ab workout today after Zumba. I think that qualifies as penance. I’m going to be in pain tomorrow. I just know it.

P.S. Brian and I agreed that our favorite part of his mom’s scalloped potatoes is the crunchy top layer. It is sooo good!

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