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New Olive Garden in Derby

The good news is there is now an Olive Garden in Derby. The bad news is that, even though it’s only their second day, the food and service already suck. LOL.

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The calamari was not as good as the the calamari at the Central and Rock location. Then again, maybe Olive Garden’s calamari is just not as good as Carrabba’s calamari. I have to admit, it’s been a while since I’ve eaten at Olive Garden. Maybe Carrabba’s has spoiled me.

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Brian and I weren’t supposed to eat out again in January to start. At least we were good and just split a chicken flat bread pizza. Although, it wasn’t even that good. The flat bread pizza we had at Granite City a few months ago was better.

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As for the service, where do I begin? I had to ask her for paper napkins almost five times. She kept forgetting to bring them. The salad and bread sticks took forever to arrive at our table. When she brought us our salad, she placed the big bowl of salad on our table and then proceeded to talk to the other table, without giving us any salad pates. After she was done talking to the other table, she almost took off with the salad plates if we hadn’t protested. She didn’t bring me my minestrone. She said that she thought I didn’t want it because it was extra. Hello? If I didn’t want it, I wouldn’t have asked for it. Our server just seemed very distracted and was all over the place. She kept forgetting stuff.

The sad thing is that usually the food and service are fantastic when a restaurant first opens and it is only after several months that the quality starts to decline. If it’s this bad at the start, I can’t imagine how much worse it will be a few months from now. Ugh. I feel sorry for the people of Derby. One can only hope that the restaurant will get their act together eventually.

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