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Tsunami – It’s Been Forever

I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since we’ve last dined at Tsunami. I remember we used to go there all the time when they first opened their doors. I think we were there at least once a week sometime two or three times, specially on days we didn’t feel like cooking anything (which happened a lot back in the day).

2012-01-02 16.00.38.jpg

Today we had the shrimp salad rolls with peanut sauce. Well, this was mostly for me actually. Brian is not too fond of the salad rolls.

2012-01-02 15.59.55.jpg

He had more than enough food though, as the portions at Tsunami are huge. This is his teriyaki chicken, which was enough to feed two people.

2012-01-02 16.01.09.jpg

When my pho came out, I remembered why I absolutely loved going to Tsunami. Their pho is possibly the best in town. They have the best boba teas and shakes too. Although Brian and I both opted for just water with our meals so as not to add more calories than necessary.

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Speaking of eating out, this is it for us for the month of January. If we’re tempted to eat out again this month, please do not hesitate to remind us that we ate at Tsunami today and we’ve already maxed out our eating out quota. As it is, we’ll probably end up eating fast food on the drive up to Kansas City for Elizabeth and Robby’s wedding at the end of the month so we really can’t afford any further deviations from our dietary plan.


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