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Post-Zumba Brunch at Livingston’s Diner

A bunch of us decided that we would completely negate our intense NYE Zumba workout by stuffing our faces at Livingston’s Diner. Brian and I had never eaten there before, despite living just down the street from it, so we used the opportunity to check it out.

2011-12-31 12.05.34.jpg

Tita Rose was a bad influence. She got this huge cinnamon roll and proceeded to entice everyone with it. Brian had a bite of it. I had a few too many. LOL.

2011-12-31 12.07.01.jpg

Brian got his usual — eggs fried hard, hash browns, biscuits and gravy — which is what he always gets at every diner or breakfast joint no matter if we’re at IHOP or The Good Egg.

2011-12-31 12.06.01.jpg

Mandy got the 1-2-3 breakfast.

2011-12-31 12.06.35.jpg

Tita Rose got the open-faced roast beef sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy.

2011-12-31 12.07.37.jpg

Tony got liver and onions. I must have been really hungry because it actually looked good to me and I hate liver. LOL.

2011-12-31 12.08.36.jpg

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I got the same thing that Gina Ann got — chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and corn. I think Justin got the same thing too, so I didn’t bother to take a picture of his plate. I don’t know what Coley got, nor could I take a picture of it, because he is a kill joy. =P

Lunch was really good. If Brian and I weren’t limiting ourselves to only eating out once a month, I could totally see myself eating there every week.

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