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Post Zumba Woodchucks

2011-12-29 20.57.47.jpg

We joined Amie, CJ, Kourtney, Gina Ann and others at Buffalo Wild Wings again on Thursday night for the final post Zumba Woodchucks of 2011. Although, I think this will be our final one for a long time because Brian and I don’t like to go out on work nights because we like getting to work super early in the morning.

2011-12-29 20.18.54.jpg

Since we weren’t going to be going out for after Zumba drinks in the foreseeable future, I made sure to get food pictures this time around. LOL.

2011-12-29 20.17.45.jpg

Buffalo Wild Wings on Urbanspoon

Incidentally, Thursday night is a great night to go to BWW because it’s the night they have their boneless wings for only .60 cents each! Though, I’ve been told that the flat bread pizza is the thing to get. However, the last two times we’ve been there, their oven has been broken so it wasn’t an option. We will just have to return for post Zumba drinks sometime in 2012 and try it. Add that to my already growing list of New Year’s resolutions!

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