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Que Picoso at Plaza Mexico

I took Brian on a cultural adventure the other day by taking him to the turo-turo inside Plaza Mexico that I ate at earlier this month during our Spanish field trip. The restaurant is actually called Que Picoso.

2011-12-29 11.42.21.jpg

I missed my second opportunity to try their champurrado, which is similar to Filipino champorado, but it has masa in it. It sounds really good actually. Therefore, I have resolved that I will return to Que Picoso and try it in 2012.

2011-12-29 11.42.49.jpg

Here’s a picture that I took of Brian as we waited for our food.

2011-12-29 11.44.09.jpg

Here’s Brian’s burrito.

2011-12-29 11.45.49.jpg

My carnitas (because I’m boring and always get the same thing, always)…

2011-12-29 11.46.14.jpg

Brian and I did some window shopping while we were there. They had some really good deals, but we didn’t have any cash so we couldn’t actually buy anything. Although, if I ever want to buy one of those exaggeratedly pointy Mexican cowboy boots, I now know where to get them. LOL.

They also had an abundance of big booty jeans in stock. I always wondered JLO found jeans that fit her bodacious figure before Levi’s Supreme Curve (Curve ID) jeans came on the scene. Now I know. 😉

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