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Gina Ann, Brian and I went to On the Border after Zumba on Monday night so we could give Justin his Christmas present. The best part was that the three of us were able to eat for under $40 (before gratuity, but that’s still pretty good). That’s with a couple of appetizers, Gina’s chicken fajitas, my queso chicken, Brian’s beer and empanadas, and mine and Gina’s sangria swirls. How did we do it?

First, we had a coupon for free queso. Brian and I usually ask for beef to be added to it so we just paid the difference on that. Second, On the Border is running a special on FourSquare where you get free appetizer if you check in with a friend. They allowed us to use both our coupon and the FourSquare special so we used that on the guacamole. The opportunity to visit with Justin, who we haven’t seen in ages, was an added bonus.

Here are the obligatory food pictures…

2011-12-26 20.26.10.jpg

2011-12-26 20.40.14.jpg

2011-12-26 20.39.38.jpg

2011-12-26 20.38.58.jpg

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