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Flip and Ching’s Annual Holiday Gathering

Because we love traditions, we decided to do something again this year that we did the year before. It happened quite accidentally actually. Jay invited Brian and I to brunch with Becca, Cory and April. Since it was the holidays, Brian and I figured we would do something nice and pick up the tab. It was a spur of the moment decision.

This year we wanted to do the same thing, but we did it more deliberately. Brian even set up a Facebook event and invited our family and closest friends (aka extended family) to have dinner with us at Pacific Coast Pizza. We weren’t sure if we would see the Phelpi and the Feifels before the holidays so we wanted to use the opportunity to give them the gifts we had gotten for Gavin, Ethan and Ben.


Though Jay and Becca couldn’t join us (they’re currently living in the East Coast) our group actually doubled in size compared to last year. We still managed to end up with way more food than we needed, though. I blame that on Brian because I tried to talk him into ordering one less pizza and he wouldn’t listen. There are no pictures of food unfortunately because we just had fries and wings and pizza, which are not really interesting to take pictures of but are delicious to eat. LOL. We had two orders each of the China Town, Wild West BBQ, and Thai wings and one order of the regular mild wings. We had six large pizzas in various flavors. Although, I think four large pizzas probably would have been sufficient. We had way too much pizza left over at the end of the evening. We had to beg everyone to take some home. I’m guessing most everyone got full on fries and wings before the pizzas came out.

I thought everything tasted great with the exception of the fries. The fries tasted okay, but I was very disappointed that they switched from the skinny homemade fries to the fat frozen kind. Blech. I think we are moving the annual holiday get together to Louie’s next year. What do you guys think?

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  1. December 24th, 2011 at 8:43 am

    ¿Estás listo para la Navidad? : Life After Marriage says:

    […] I forgot to mention the Phelpi and Feifels pile. We saw the Feifels on Christmas Day last year so had their stuff in the “Christmas Day” pile at first. However, we weren’t sure if we would see them on Christmas Day this year so we went ahead and gave the Phelpi and the Feifels the gifts for their kiddos when we took everyone out to dinner at PCP last week. […]

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