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Un Platillo de Carnitas

I got to try a new place last week. It’s a turo-turo inside Plaza Mexico on 25th. We went there a couple of weeks ago on a Spanish class field trip of sorts.

2011-12-05 11.57.34.jpg

I ordered un platillo de carnitas, which was more like un plato grande. LOL. I ended up drinking soda that day, mainly because I wanted to order refrescos. They had bottled Sprite that was hecho en Mexico.

After our class, which we had over lunch, everyone else walked around Plaza Mexico to practice our Spanish with the merchants, most of whom don’t speak English. I couldn’t stay though, because I had to return to work. Plaza Mexico reminds me of Baclaran, where Mama Iyay used to buy good for resale, because everything was so cheap. I’m thinking of taking mom there over Christmas vacation for some mother-daughter bonding time. That, and I want to show her how much my Spanish has improved. I doubt that mom would be impressed (it’s tough to impress her), but I bet she’d get a kick out of it. 😉

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