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Post-Birthday Celebration

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We treated Jenni and Rene to dinner at Sabor last night. It was basically a post-birthday celebration of sorts. Jenni’s birthday was on the 26th, which we were out of town for, and Rene’s was on the 30th. As for me, I was celebrating the fact that I bought my first size 0 jeans in about half a decade. Although, I’m on antibiotics and couldn’t celebrate to the fullest. Everyone else was drinking, but me!

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We started out with platanutres (plantain chips), which are like the banana chips we have back in the Philippines except they are cut lengthwise and are served salty rather than sweet. They give you avocado crema and chimichurri sauce for dipping. It is my absolute favorite thing to get at Sabor. I can’t visit the restaurant without ordering some platanutres.

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We also ordered some fried calamari, which I really like, but also have to eat more of now because I don’t get enough iodine apparently.

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The guys both had fire roasted chicken and chipotle cheddar mashed potatoes. The only difference is that Brian got the chimichurri sauce with his dinner, while Rene asked for the mango sauce.

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Jenni had a boring Caesar salad that she mostly just played with. I could have sworn that she didn’t eat any of it. I think she just moved the lettuce around. =P

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I normally get the adobo pork with rice because the pork is tender and has great flavor and I like rice… a lot. I would eat rice with every meal, if I could. However, I wasn’t all that hungry after the platanutres and the calamari so I just had a bowl of the sancocho soup instead.

I’d never had soup with slices of avocado in it before. I thought it was odd but, since I like avocados, I thought I would take a chance. The soup was delicious and I was glad I ordered it. I think I have a new favorite at Sabor now. 🙂

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Brian and I shared a slice of chocolate cake for dessert.

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Rene and Jenni both asked for flan. I had some of Jenni’s flan too actually, so I totally indulged that night. But then, I just had soup for dinner rather than having a full entree, so I figured it would be alright.

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The flan at Sabor has really good consistency and good flavor. Jenni and I both liked it except for the topping they put on it, which we didn’t care for. In the Philippines the top of the leche flan consists of caramelized sugar. Jenni knows how to make it, so I made a special request for Christmas. It would be a real treat to have Filipino flan for our noche buena this year. I can feel myself getting fat and not being able to fit in my new size 0 jeans just thinking about it. Mmmm… Mmm… Yum! It’s so totally worth it, though. 😉

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