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Ching Esta Hablando Español

So we’re not supposed to be eating out… But it’s the holidays and we just can’t help ourselves. Besides, I call this “doing homework” because I actually got to practice speaking Spanish.

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I got the carnitas meal (my usual), while Brian got a gigantic chile verde burrito. His meal was so delicious, I’m thinking of getting it next time we’re at Felipe’s Jr.

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Brian was quite impressed when I ordered our dinner in Spanish. My exchange with our server was actually pretty fluid. Later on, I asked for more water and more chips in Spanish. I also asked for a box in Spanish. She asked if I wanted two boxes, and I told her “Yes, please.” I was so focused on making sure I asked for it correctly that I completely forgot to specify how many I wanted. But, like an experienced server who provides great service, she clarified.

Oh, I also told her that I had a Groupon in Spanish. I just called it un Groupon, because I didn’t really know how else to say it. She knew what I meant and took my phone with her to the kitchen. LOL. I think I totally had her convinced that I could hold a conversation in Spanish, because when she came back with our bill, she explained that they applied the Groupon by taking $14 off our total. I can’t remember how she said it, but she said menos catorce at the end while pointing at our ticket. Besides the pronunciation (the accents will sometimes trip me up, but I can pronounce most Spanish words correctly for the most since it’s phonetic like Tagalog), numbers have been quite easy for me to master. In the Philippines, most people say their numbers in Spanish. We say our times in Spanish, too. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it said any other way. LOL.

Anyway, come out to dinner with me and help me practice my Spanish!

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