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Fazoli’s is Growing on Me

Fazoli’s is growing on me.. Or maybe I’m just growing? Perhaps that’s what will eventually happen to me if I continue eating there. LOL.

I was dumb and didn’t print the free spag with drink purchase coupon so Brian and I missed out on that. Well, kinda sorta. We ended up with a better deal at Fazoli’s last night, actually. Let me explain…

By the time we got around to going to Fazoli’s, the coupon on the web site had changed. Instead of free spag with drink purchase, they now had free spag with small spag purchase. Still a pretty good deal, but not as good as the original deal. I mean, come on. Where else could you eat for $1.69? With the new coupon, we were looking at spending $4.00 for the small spag plus $1.69 for the drink (Brian and I will usually just share one at fast food places) so about $6.00 for dinner. Still not bad, but you all know me. I’m frugal.

Anyway, I usually just sit and wait as Brian gets our food. He came back with the two spags and a drink. He was like, “I wish I had cash. You won’t believe how much our meal cost.”

I was like, “What do you mean? Did our coupon not work? You were supposed to pay for one spag and get the other one free.”

“I think he rang it up wrong. He only charged me $1.69 ~ that’s not even the cost of one spag.”

“I bet I know what happened. They gave you the free spag with drink purchase offer.”

“That explains why he only gave me one spag. I told him my coupon was for buy one get one, so he just gave me another.”

“Wow. That was nice of them. I can’t believe we’re having dinner for only $1.69 ~ I love Fazoli’s!”

As we were having our cheapie dinner, Brian had this brilliant thought that next time we come across a good deal like this we should print a bunch of these coupons and give them out at the homeless shelters. I added that we should also give them at least a couple of bucks along with the coupons that way they won’t have to come up the money themselves. So Brian and I decided that if we ever win the lottery, we are handing out money and Fazoli’s coupons to the needy. I told him that I would have to write it down so we’ll remember. We are so weird.

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